‘Glee’ Recap: WDYT of the ‘Grease’ Musical Casting Decisions?

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Even though the previous episode, “The Break-Up,” broke our hearts, we’re happy to say that, after an all-too long hiatus, Glee is back in business. As sad as it is to see faves like Finn and Blaine crippled by the demise of their relationships, there’s more important matters to discuss. Like Mercedes and Mike’s return! Artie and Finn were announced as the directors (with Mr. Hudson presumably taking over New Directions at the ep’s end) for the school musical — Grease! — so the former seniors joined them for the ride for choreography and singing. Now comes the fun part; we’ll tell you who they cast as the leads for the upcoming performance, then you decide if they made the right choices. Make sure to check out the castings below, then join the conversation in the comments or on our Glee message board!

Blaine as Teen Angel. Although Blaine would’ve been a perfect Danny Zuko, he was too traumatized to play a kid in love when he cheated on hasn’t heard from Kurt since their split. So he asked if he could play a smaller role, like the “Beauty School Dropout” singer. Not a bad match. He is a teen dream after all.


Unique as Rizzo. Sue was not at all pleased with the decision considering the rather obvious differences between Alex Newell‘s character and the Grease troublemaker. But that didn’t sway Finn’s decision; Unique nailed the audition. Cased closed.


Callbacks for Danny and Sandy. Marley and Kitty, Jake and newbie Ryder (Blake Jenner!) all snagged follow-up tryouts for the musical’s leads, Sandy and Danny respectively. What it came down to was their performances to “Born to Hand Jive.” Kitty’s moves were more sultry and flexible compared to Marley’s, but Jake pulled Kitty away at the end, so there’s that. Meanwhile, Jake and Ryder’s dance skills were pretty much on par with each other. How did it turn out?…


Ryder as Danny. There was no real explanation for it. Though, we’re going to say it was Ryder’s rockin’ collaboration with Finn to “Juke Box Hero” that sent him to the top of the pack. Jake landed the role of Putzie instead.


Marley as Sandy. Kitty may bring out the leading lady’s sexy side, but it’s Marley who the directors’ believed to have the full package. Instead, Kitty was cast as annoying, know-it-all Patty Simcox. Ha!


Other castings: Brittany as Cha Cha, Sugar as Frenchy, Tina as Jan, Sam as Kenickie, Joe as Doody. (No Marty or Sonny; will probably be some random Cheerios as per youge.) So? Tell us what you think about Glee‘s “Glease” so far!

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  • Dharam

    I found the last Briefings of Episode 6. 2 are in the room where you fight the Last Guardian of Limbo, they’re in the upper parts where there is a destroyed brigde, one on either side. I don’t remember all the exact locations of the others, but they are in Limbo and Shadowlands so look around in them thoroughly you’ll find them. But I still need to know how to unlock the Amazon Chest and Legs.

  • @Ax___eL

    Hi i’m French.
    Just, why nobody like this season ? Me i love it ! She is my favourite ! I love Rachel and Kurt at NY, and the new generation at McKinley :) !

    • Belle

      Tu as beaucoup de la chance! Je n’ai vu pas cette saison de Glee, car j’habite dans le Grande Bretagne, mais je crois que je ce aimerai! (I’m just assuming you can speak French here-I’m bilingual).