Which Celeb Dog-Shamed Their Own Pup?

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Many people have participated in the Internet craze of dog-shaming , where owners make signs regarding their pet’s wrong-doing, then making them pose with it, and it looks like celebrities are no exception.

This reality star turned fashion designer recently adopted a new pup, and as anyone who has had a puppy knows, they just love the turn anything in to a chew toy. However, she decided to take things a step further and dog-shame the adorable canine. Any guesses as to who did it?

It’s Lauren Conrad! That’s right, Lauren just dog-shamed her newly-adopted pup Fitz, but if you ask us, how could you be mad at that face?!

What do you think of Lauren’s dog-shaming? Cute, or too much? Sound off in the comments!

The Ultimate Pet-Shaming Video!

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