10 Hilarious Jelena Break-Up Tweets

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Ever since news broke that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are apparently done for good, people all around the world have been in a state of…processing. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and maybe that’s just what you need, no matter where you fall on the Jelena/Selenator/Belieber spectrum.

OMG you guys, the time machine worked!

Most interesting break-up theory I’ve heard yet. Also, maybe the most true.

Some sassy doubt.

Some diehard shipping. (But seriously, who came up with the term “Jelieber”? Definitely a term that should never ever ever catch on.)

Well, it seems like celebrities end relationships differently than the rest of us…

So when did this become a turf war? Like, should we all break out our Selenator GIFs and Belieber fan vids like we’re warring 1950s gangs? Apparently.

Okay, guys. Canada’s national treasure is now Canada’s national-treasure-with-a-broken-heart. FREAK OUT TIME.

Too soon? (Or maybe, too real?)


But actually.

What Teen Readers Are Saying About Jelena’s Split

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  • Well Then….

    I don’t worry about Jelena’ anymore, it’s just to much to think about and handle

  • Katie

    I miss Jelena…:'(

  • ANNA


  • Rabecka Berkawits


    • Rita o

      Nope u suck doll,, jb is just a spoiled nigga wit his pants down his asz .

  • Selena galloway

    Really i also think that this a bad thing,too. I love JELENA.

  • Mary

    I think thats a bad thing to have fun on that drama.They were in love and mabye they still are and noone should think its funny.When you have a break up you really wanna cry and you are sad so this is not right think to do i think.And BTW I think they are in possible break up but not in break up.I think Sel is jealoys because that model and Justin is really trying hard to get Sel back,mabye thats qhy ge was in her hotel…I hope they will survive this.I think all the people can have a second chance and all the people must be with their love.So if they are in love I really want them to last long.Thay are nit just celebrities that we like they are human beings and they have a raugh time.Support them ppl and dont have fun.Pray for Jelena.Love ya all.Peace