Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Hang Out on ‘The X Factor’ Set!

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Shortly after reports surfaced that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy split, Tay was spotted wearing the same necklace as One Direction‘s youngest member, Harry Styles. Although both parties are staying mum about the rumors of a potential relationship, suspicious posts were made last night as Taylor prepared to perform on The X Factor results show.

First, E! Online mentioned that Harry hung out on The X Factor set while Taylor rehearsed for last night’s performance. The report states, “Harry is there with her now. She is doing rehearsals this afternoon. And he is in her group. He watched her onstage going through her performance. He was sitting with her mom and the rest of her entourage.”

Then, The X Factor’s official Twitter posted this tweet which confirmed that Harry was in fact visiting the set during Taylor’s rehearsal:

Finally, X Factor’s special behind-the-scenes guru posted a tweet that confirmed some flirtation between Haylor:

Back in April, Harry admitted to texting Taylor after meeting in America and had nothing but nice things to say about the country crooner. Is Haylor on? Or are they just friends? Eh, who knows? What we do know is that Tay’s first-ever performance of “State of Grace” was absolutely amazing! Check it out below and let us know your thoughts about the possible romance!

Harry Comments on “Ridiculous” Love Life Rumors!

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  • Kim

    I am a Directioner and a Swiftie so I support them both. They’d look so good together!!!

  • kailey

    i love 1d and i like taylor but for me i think it would be kind of a weird couple.

    • vivian

      i so agree with you

  • Ali

    Okay first of all because they wear the same necklace doesn’t mean they’re dating. I’ve seen the necklace and its a triangle necklace. I even own the same necklace and not to mention its incredibly popular. I don’t think they are dating, for me Harry and Taylor are no where alike and it would work or last that long if they even did date. And people are saying that she’ll make a song about him that will sound terrible, which he’s not. Taylor does make break up songs, but I don’t think she’d stoop so low as to ruin someones reputation. Plus every directioner knows Harry is a flirt, and he was just doing some harmless flirting. I just couldn’t see #Haylor together. But if they did happen to be a ‘thing’ I would support because everybody wants to see Harry and Taylor happy is your a directioner or swiftie. I just hope that if they are dating Taylor is prepared for all the hate and death threats she’s gonna receive from millions of girls.

  • DGB

    ikr! she willl start crying and yeah write a song about it and people will thing Harry sucks!! TOO EMOTIONAL!! she can write a song about everything that goes on in her life. or pete’s sake she could write a song about going to the bathroom!!! point- STAY AWAY FROM HARRY you country klutz! sorry! but im really MAD!!!! GRRR…..

  • Hannah

    Harry said that he is single on Ellen so thats what I’m gonna believe.

  • Kelsie

    Everyone bashing on Taylor reeeeally needs to stop! It’s Harry’s choice whether to date her or not… she’s not going to “break his heart”. And if she does write a song about him, unless he breaks her heart, it’s not going to be an awful song like Dear John or Should’ve Said No. I think it’d be really cute if they hooked up. #HAYLOR!

  • emm

    WHAT!!! Sorry, Harry…. If I’m a true Directioner… Which I am… I have got to be support him and everything they do ( 1D)

  • Gaby

    I will never ship Haylor. They’ll break up and she’ll write a song about him then everyone will think he’s a douche when really he’s such a sweetheart.

    • emm


    • sandy.harrison

      DATS VERY TRUE Taylor is now starting to make every one think that the fault is all on Harry………….she also made a new song record that sings WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER…what ever Taylor,HARRY is tooooooooo good 4u so jst bac off….and please dont ever say HAYLOR makes no sense 2 meeeeeeeee???????????

  • Catriona Lauder

    I think it would be really cute if they got together <3