‘Glee’ Recap: The Top Heart-Wrenching Moments from “Glease”

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Heart. Wrenching. That’s how we’d describe a majority of last night’s “Glease” episode of Glee. (Not to be confused with “The Break-Up,” which was totally heart-breaking.) There were issues of eating disorders, relationship drama, sexual identity — everything a true teen deals with. So we want to cover all of those moments, then we want you to join the conversation on our Glee message board!

Kitty tailors Marley’s clothing to make her think she’s gaining weight. Even before Marley was cast as Sandy in Grease, Kitty’s had it out for her. But this time, she goes a little too far and snips Marley’s costume a little bit every day, so she’d believe she was getting bigger. Then, she convinces her that she should stick her fingers down her throat to avoid looking like her mother, who admits she constantly struggled with her size growing up.


Jake sees Ryder kiss Marley. The good part is that Ryder tells Marley about his personal battles with his weight, and persuades her to not force herself to throw up because she’s beautiful and he wouldn’t be able to kiss her — on- and off-stage! The unfortunate part is that Jake, who doesn’t admit but totally does have a crush on Marley, saw them.


Unique’s parents force him to quit the play. At the sleepover, Unique was totally herself with the girls. But after Principal Figgins calls her parents to congratulate them on their child getting the part of Rizzo in the school play, they deny her the opportunity because of the torture she might receive for playing a female character. So once again, Unique is back to being Wade Adams. (P.S. Totally called it that Santana took on the role.)


Finchel sees each other for the first time since the split. In an odd, four-way conversation between the two and other former couple Klaine, Finn admits that he’s glad that Rachel came to see the show. But when they’re alone, they decide that it’s best they have no contact with each other. WHA-?!


As for Blaine and Kurt, this says it all:


Brody hooks up with Cassandra. Umm, eww. Guess this is what happens when your teacher offers you her frequent-flyer miles. While Rachel was off at McKinley, Cassandra asks Brody to help her with dance routines as her new T.A. And he did a lot more than that… Awkward.


On the plus side, we got to see this:


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  • zehra

    I got really angry when kitty took Marley’s skirt in, and if brody loves Rachel, why did he cheat on her? D: it made me angry SO MUCH :O

  • Bree

    I find it funny that they don’t even realize her tight costume (the black one) fits absolutely perfect… Nor do they not try and re-size her only to realize she’s the same size.

  • kerry fox

    yes i like it