Caption This Funny Picture of Jamie Campbell Bower at the ‘BDP2’ Premiere!

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This weekend’s all about Breaking Dawn — Part 2 — did you see those box office numbers?! — but with the Twilight franchise coming to an end, it’s nice to know that its stars will still be making amazing flicks. Like Jamie Campbell Bower! Although he has but a small role in the Saga (as Caius), he’s taking on the male lead in The Mortal Instruments, for which the movie trailer was just released. So, for Jamie’s dual accomplishments, we want you to caption these hilar pictures of him at the BDP2 premiere. Take on one or both of ’em, whichever, then share your Twi-excitement on our Breaking Dawn — Part 2 message board!


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  • Skeezer

    “OK, OK, Yes I was born a female, and Donald Trump is my father!”

  • Beatrice

    Caption 1- Haha you silly mundane!!
    Caption 2- What do i care? I’m Jace Wayland!

  • Isabella

    1: Hey, I know you!
    2: Well, turns out I didn’t know her after all.

  • Cathy

    “That´s so funny! You like Twilight too?!”

  • Shannon Floyd

    Caption 1- Hey, did you just touch my butt?

    Caption 2- That’s okay. I’m Jace Wayland, it happens all the time!

    • Alex

      Haha, thats such a good one. Classic Jace.

  • Rebecca