Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Hold Hands. Do You Approve of Haylor?

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MORE confirmation that Haylor is on! Even though Harry Styles recently mentioned that the rumors about his love life are “ridiculous,” there’s now further proof that whatever he has going on with Taylor Swift is more than just similar taste. After on-site publications tweeted that the two singers got flirty — smiling, laughing, carrying her over his shoulder(!) — while hanging out on the set of The X Factor, another TXF insider, Mario Lopez, boldly announced something even more “official.”

Mario says, “Taylor Swift was the special guest performer, and [here’s] a little inside scoop for you: During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back, and said, ‘Hey, Mario, how ya doing?’ And I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor.” He then adds that he saw them “”walking off hand in hand. So Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction, you heard it here first. [They’re] officially hanging out, I can say that much.”

For more of Mario’s announcement, listen here:

So now we want to open it up to you guys. If you’re a Directioner, do you like Harry and Taylor as a couple? And Swifties, are you a fan of Haylor? How long do you think this will last? Also, how juicy would a break-up song be?! Leave your honest opinions below!

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  • bianca

    I think them together is not a very good outlook. I think all she is gonna do is date him for a couple of months then become a control freak to make him dump her then she can make a new track for her next cd. Harry doesnt need that crap.

  • Retta Newell

    taylor swift uses other celeberites and she makes songs out of them and when she breaks up with them she sings about her break up so if harry styles wants his heart broken then he better check up on taylor swift

  • Bretters

    i am both a swiftie and a directioner but i hate the idea of them togather. I think taylor, when it comes to romance, is a little clingy and over dramatic, harry doesnt need that.

  • yani

    they dont not need to be together thats just my honest opion everybody nows when taylor swift breaks up with somebody or gets her heart broken she gets over dramatic and write songs about then the crazy thing about it is she buys houses next to every boyfriend she has wich is crazy

  • davis

    no i all i have to say because she will break his heart and then she will write a song about it

  • Emma

    If they are dating i’m giving it about 4 months because One Direction is gearing up for their take me home tour and taylor is getting ready for her red tour, they will be apart no matter how hard they try, and that was one of the reasons they split in the first place, because of distance and he kissed a girl in New Zeland.
    Honestly i love Taylor and i LOVEEE One Direction and i am well aware he will probably never ever date me but i mean if they break up Taylor is going to get all over dramatic and start writeing songs implying stuff about him that isn’t true, and don’t deny this because we all know she writes about her feelings and her life and blows things way out of porportion. She is already taking it way to far because sources are saying she is trying to find a house on a street within walking distance of Harry’s house i mean c’mon Taylor give the guy some space he doesn’t need to be around you 24/7 and also they are saying she has already mentioned marriage and childeren (I’m not sure if this is true or not i just read it online saying it came from close friends of Taylor soo yea if it’s not true then yea).. anyways if they do manage to stay together even after their tours then i’ll be happy for him.. i’m just saying i don’t think they are right for eachother.
    Also she is apparently invited to some party that the boys are having along with a bunch of other celeberties soo it’s not like there isn’t going to be papperazzi so if they happen to be together then they will get their pics taken. Just calm down everyone, people are already sending her death threats!! get over it, no one has confirmed anything. Harry hasn’t said anything and neither has Taylor, Taylor is in Australia for some award show they aren’t even together at the moment. If they are dating, don’t send threats.. Face the fact that if they are dating and harry and her break up, he isn’t going to be at your door with a bouquet of plastic flowers saying i will love you until each rose dies.. And you know what you may end up dating him some day idk!! i can’t see into the future but i do know that if you were in her position and dating Harry and you were getting threats you wouldn’t feel to good would you?
    Nothing is confirmed so calm down. Just let them live their lives. Yea i wont be happy because yea i realllyyy like Harry but i will respect his decisions and if they are right for eachother then we are in no position to tell him other wise and if they aren’t meant to be then they aren’t going to be!!! Harry did say he had a crush on her and she had a crush on him, Harry has been through tons of relationships and this is just one more..
    Taylor well, Taylor has been through so many relationships by now that people are starting to think she can’t keep a guy. She writes songs about her life and her feelings and yea she will write songs about Harry IF they are dating and yea IF they are dating and they breakup there will be songs. You can’t say you hate her because she fell in love and you can’t say you hate her if she is dating someone.
    Nothing is confirmed anyways so..
    K bye

  • nm

    I approve, but not of their couple name Haylor sounds like hate….i mean what do they expect

  • Emily

    I can’t stand Harry Styles, and I love love love Taylor Swift. Because of rumours, people have been sending her death threats. That’s cruel.

  • alice

    ok i am kinde mad at some of the people who are like “harry is mine blah blah blah”
    because lets be real he’s gonna date someone someday and most likly that person will be famous so good luck hopeless Romantics!
    ps. don’t wait for harry fall in love with someone real not because their famous or cute
    fall in love with someone you know like the back of your hand!

  • Cathy

    Don’t believe it. Harry has said countless times that he’d date a fan. He wouldn’t lie about having a girlfriend so I’m pretty sure that this is nonsense. I don’t approve of Taylor Swift. She’s been with, what, 5 guys in 3 years? I wouldn’t want her to break Harry’s heart. DISAPPROVE.

    • Jo

      I’m with you there. Taylor’s gone through too many guys… I wouldn’t hate on them if they did get together, but they just don’t look right to me as a couple. Hopefully they just stay friends.

  • A directioner who loves harry

    I think that taylor should find someone else because Harry Styles is mine and i’m NOT sharing. that is all. >:(

  • lauren

    AGREE!!!!!!! I think they would be the cutiest couple ever!!!!!!! go taylor!!!! go harry!!!!

  • lauren

    Oh yeah i totally agree they should so go out they would be like the cutiest couple ever i would call them like haylor!!!!! it would be so great i would so be like their number one fan and like follow their every tweet!!!!!!!! GO HAYLOR!!!

  • Sara Styles

    I refuse to believe its true Harry said he doesn’t want to date nobody because all if his fans are his girlfriends and he also said he wouldn’t cheat on us. Another thing is yes I live them both but not together and I know if they do breakup Taylor (not hate) would probably be over dramatic like sorta all her other songs an say he was such player and stuff like that but if it is true than I wish them all the best and I hope Harry knows that nobody not even Taylor Swift can love him just as much as I love him! And the longest I give them is probably 2months because they both have tours schedule and they would never make plans and honestly they don’t make a cute couple. No hate please just my thoughts you have your own you can express it to

  • AmandalovesHarry

    It’s pretty obvious they’re dating. I honestly am heartbroken because yeah harry styles is the love of my life. But I just want him to be so happy and Taylor swift looks like a nice, stunning girl. And so if he’s happy I’m happy. I don’t even know but those of you judging her because she’s going out with Hazza are not real directioners. You’re selfish. It’s obvious that they like eah other and I feel that you should respect his decisions and wish him nothing but the best