From Our BFFs: Miley Cyrus Debuts an Even Shorter ‘do! Thoughts?

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If you thought Miley Cyrus couldn’t get more extreme with her chopped locks, you thought wrong. [PopCrush]

You heard about Selena Gomez‘s new gig with adidas, now learn what else to expect from her in the coming year. [Teen Vogue]

Say ‘thank you’ with Tony Oller‘s new group, MKTO. [Just Jared Jr.]

Sorry, Taylor Swift. This is the price you pay for (maybe) dating Harry Styles: [Hollywire]

One Direction makes Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People list. Well, duh! [ClevverTV]

Popstars, Then and Now: The American Music Awards Edition [SparkNotes]

As for another Before They Were Famous round-up, see what Red Dawn‘s Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson were up to just three years ago. [Crushable]

Do we hear something about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson having a baby?! [Wetpaint]

Daniel Craig: “KStew can’t be a Bond girl.” [Cambio]

Speaking of Bond, Skyfall made this list of top 2012 movies to be thankful for! What tops yours? [Gurl]

Ariana Grande ditched her fiery tresses! WDYT of her new dye job? [M]

That’s a wrap! See how the Pretty Little Liars cast partied after the third season finished shooting. [Pretty Little Liars]

McKayla Maroney: So long, Olympic vault. Hello, acting career! [HuffPost Teen]

How to Be a Thanksgiving Girl in a Bandage-Dress World [HelloGiggles]

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  • Flame

    i like mileys hair and so what if she cut her hair she has the right to if she likes it so what it doesnt mater what you guys think she will ALWAYS be pretty you people are just actin like little B***** so get over your selves and stop critisising others J*** A****

  • Jacii

    What was she thinking.. -.- YOU WERE SO PRETTY! Now look at you…
    Miley, Tbh, I think your just a wannabe “Pink.” Sorry. 😛

  • aj

    i think she is a nutcase so she needs a nutcase do!!!!!! this is ugly what do you really want to go for miley?

  • Mona

    Even her boyfriend has more hair now !!! It won’t be long before she shaves it all off. She is just doing it to get attention.

  • k

    no way her hair is already short don’t cut p.s. you were better as a brown haired girl i love youre music but i dont think this is good for you

  • ddddddd

    i dont know what is Miley doing with her hair? Now she is even worse than before. I just dont know what to say about her, her hair and her music. I want the old Miley…

  • vicky

    she is just ganna end up shaving it all of and then she is going to lose fans y would she do it

  • Marie

    oh gosh, she looks even more like a boy now. She should save time and just go bald.

  • Aubrie

    I always had a theory that if she cut off all her hair she’d look like a British man………………….. Did someone say Draco Malfoy?

  • Dbbie

    Her hair looks awful!!

  • lauren

    Thoughts? Ok I will tell you my thoughts, Mily your hair looks like a baboons butt!!!!! I like your old hair!!!!! now please bring it back!!! But wait you cant!!!! Because you are soon going to be dateing a baboon because he will think your hair is so cute you guys will get married and have a half baboon half person baby!!!!!!!!! So my thoughts are, BLUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    If Miley is just going keep cutting her hair, she should get a buzz cut. It would save all of our time.