Debby Ryan Debuts ‘Fresh Ginger’ Hair: Do You Like?

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Debby Ryan has gone to the red side! Though her mane has always had a hint of crimson to it, the Disney Channel star has gone full on red with this new hairstyle. Debby shared the photo of her new ‘do on Twitter and said, “Salon night. Fresh ginger.” That’s for sure!

Dressed casually in a white tee and some cute accessories, Debby did her best casual modeling pose as she showed off her red hair. This will certainly make her stylish outfits stand out!

Recently, Debby let our Teen cameras follow her around for an entire day, and though she went red, she was grossed out by her “oxblood” nail polish! Maybe it’s different since it’s her hair?

What do you think of Debby’s new ‘do? Sound off in the comments!

Debby Ryan: My Day. My Life.

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  • Kennedie

    She looks so pretty like Ariel!

  • M

    I love you

  • anthony

    i love her new hairstyle + she looks older to. red is my favorite color :) debby ryan look so cute with red hair :)