Win It Wednesdays! Win an Airwalk Cruiser Bike!

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Looking for a way to get around that will save you some money this holiday season AND help you look stylish at the same time? Look no further, because we’re giving away an awesome cruiser! That’s right, one lucky Teen reader will score this 26′ Airwalk Little Wahine Pink Cruiser, which combines 26-inch wheels with a pink, steel frame for a classic, retro style.

So whether your running a quick errand, or maybe want to be a little more active thanks to big Thanksgiving dinner, this bike is perfect for any occasion! For more, check out Airwalk’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

Here’s how to enter:

STEP 1: LIKE on Facebook

STEP 2: Fill out the entry form below and hit submit! In the email field, be sure to use the email address used on your Facebook so we can verify that you’re a fan of on Facebook.

This sweepstakes ended December 17, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.

Awesome legal disclaimer: This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Dear Teen: Fan Interviews Kristen!

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Sorry, this Contest Ended on 12/17/2012

  • chloe

    i’ve wanted a bike like this for ages now. :((( please let me win it lol

  • Peony Tellez

    My birthday is coming up! And I want this beautiful bike. My biggest sis got one bike like this except for the color, hers is mint color, and my parents told me that they can’t afford another bike, they told to me to uses my sis bike, but she’s gets angry if I ride it. so sad :(

  • Janice Gabriel


  • Theresa

    This looks like a sweet ride..

  • Theresa Graves

    thank you!!

  • Robert Hoffman

    what a great gift

  • Robert Cummings


  • Tatyana

    I never had a bike, this would be awesome to have. Pink is my favorite color too! Please pick me it would be awesome, & I’d be grateful!

  • Trisha

    This bike is so adorable!! I’ve always wanted a bike like this but never knew where to find them.

  • Sonia Anzaldua

    Nice Bike, Good for my vintage collections.

  • Ashley Smith

    I would love to win this!!

  • Carie Perrino

    I would love to win this awesome bike to raffle off in a fundraiser that my community service organization hosts for Relay for Life every year! I think it would be a hit!

  • emilia

    that bike is so cool and the color is awesome

  • Christina G

    I want to win this so much – it’s s-o-o-o- CUTE!!!!

  • Sierra

    Awesome Bike! ○○○○○○

  • keke sweetheart

    Omg that bike is cool

  • Juli

    I would really like to win this bike for my daughter.

  • Sela

    I could really use a bike for transportation.

  • Charlie Forschner

    Granddaughter would love this bike.


    I’ve always wanted a bike! My parents would never have time to really buy me anything.. I still need clothes, but that’s something you really don’t care about.. Anyway, my parents would be out all the time and I never really had the time to see them.. my dad would always be out in the sun or cold working, and my mom would always be working from 4:30 until.. well.. I don’t even know when she comes home.. The only time I really get to see her is SOMETIMES on Saterday night or Friday. I asked her a couple of times and she said “yes I will get you one some time next week or in a month” I would look forward to that every single day! I wanted to ask her one more time but I figured that they would never have time or the money to be spending money on something that I could probably get in a couple of years… But now that I got this opportunity I want to take it!! But I have no idea really what this comment is gonna help for.. But if the staff or the people that pick the winners read this then PLEASEEEEE PICK ME TO WIN!!! I’VE HADN’T HAD A BIKE SINCE I WAS 5!! Please!! ♥♥ Thanks for you time?

    • keke sweetheart

      How odd is u now

    • Judith VanAlphen

      I don’t think stories help in this contest, I believe it is a random draw.

    • Truth

      You should call child protection services since supposedly your parents neglect you. BTW, no one cares about your sob story.
      Byebetch :*

    • Truth

      You should call child protection services since supposedly your parents neglect you. BTW, no one cares about your sob story.
      Byebetch (kisses)

  • Carolina

    this is so cute i hope i win it .and it be awesome if i get to ride it.this is so cool

  • Krystal


  • Betsabe

    this would be great to go to school everyday

  • Denise

    Love it :)

  • Angelica