POLL: Who’s the Next “It” Guy, Alden Ehrenreich or Jamie Campbell Bower?

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First, we want to start off by saying Happy birthday, Alden Ehrenreich and Jamie Campbell Bower! They just turned 23 and 24, respectively. But sharing their date of birth isn’t the only thing they have in common; they’re each set to star in one of 2013′s biggest young adult book-to-movie releases: Beautiful Creatures and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. So, to stay true to our favorite celebrity birthdays, we want to do something special — like pit them against each other (in a playful manner, obviously)! Which one has what it takes to be the next “It” guy?

Let’s start with Alden, who plays the male lead in February’s witchy flick, Beautiful Creatures. When we met him on the Louisiana set, he was nothing short of adorable when talking about his on-screen love, Alice Englert, and being a part of the next Twilight. Watch him as Ethan Wate in the film’s second trailer here:

Then there’s Jamie, who plays confident Shadowhunter Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He’s been in his share of YA fantasy movies — hello, Twilight and Harry Potter! — he’s a total jokesterand he’s currently dating on-screen love interest Lily Collins. Awesome written all over him, right? See him in action here:

So, who do you choose between Alden and Jamie? Is there another actor who you’d call the next big thing? Tell us in the comments and make sure to vote in our poll!

On Set with the Beautiful Creatures Cast!

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16 Responses to "POLL: Who’s the Next “It” Guy, Alden Ehrenreich or Jamie Campbell Bower?"

  1. Teen.com
    Shadowhunter says:


  2. Teen.com
    Liv says:


  3. Teen.com
    Ann P. says:


  4. Teen.com
    hermine says:

    A jamie for sure i loved him ever since i found out he was gonna be in new moon and i still love him now he is def one of my idols next to lily and many others i am a huge fan of mortal instruments i have read it 100 times and i never get tiredof it. I seriously can’t imagine anyone playing jace then jamie beautiful creatures was good but not something i like to reread or become obsessed over but i had a great pleasure of reading it soooo anways go jamie <3

  5. Teen.com
    Anna says:


  6. Teen.com
    Gwen says:

    Jamie for sure! but I’d think both boys could be it boys! i love the mortal instruments and jamie is definitely number one but beautiful creatures looks amazing too! and i want to read the caster series too among city of heavenly fire, the dark artfices, and clockwork princess and many others

  7. Teen.com
    Sofi says:

    Jamie ♥

  8. Teen.com
    karina ch. says:

    Jaceeeeeeeeee! Absolutely!!!

  9. Teen.com
    Laura says:


  10. Teen.com
    Rose says:

    Jamie i cant believe hes gonna be jace xx

  11. Teen.com
    Aria says:


  12. Teen.com
    Jessie says:

    Although its nice of people to vote for jamie and i think he’d appreciate that people have taken the time to vote for him.
    Yet i cant see him wanting to be the next ‘it guy’ to be honest. He’s just not the fame-hype-enjoying kind of guy. He’s too grounded and normal.
    But still he’d probably appreciate the love!

  13. Teen.com
    andy says:

    Well… I’m totally in LOVE with both series and both of them! They are super hot and they are bringing to life two of the best male characters out there. But is you are forcing me to choose I would have to go with Jamie! I love his sense of humor and ofcourse his looks…I have no doubt that he is going to be the perfect JACE!! I stil love you though Alden!

  14. Teen.com
    Bell says:

    Jamie! Without doubt.

  15. Teen.com
    oli says:

    welllll… obviously Jamie Campbell is gonna win.. hes more popular., but you know what I voted for the new guy Alden Erh-something.. he seemed more interesting.

  16. Teen.com
    Beatrice says:

    Jamie absolutely!! He is our Jace!!! #HappyBirthdayJamie :D

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