The 8 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Tour Riders Ever

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Oh, celebrities. They’re so not like us after all. Just think about what you pack to bring along for vacation… then imagine what these guys get to request. You know what we’re referring to: the tour rider — a set of demands that a celeb sets as a criteria for his/her performances. Basically, this is letting everyone else know that they call the shots. So gather your Red Bulls and meat platters, because we’re counting down the 8 most random (and ridiculous) celebrity riders…

Taylor Swift
If you thought the country crooner was nothing but sweet, just wait ’til you hear her requests: Twizzlers (alright, that’s sweet), pickles, spaghetti and a very specific Starbucks order (one grande iced caramel latte, one grande iced Americano, one slice pumpkin loaf).


Justin Bieber
JB loves himself some candy (Swedish Fish in the States; Big Foots in Canada), but his most random rider request has to be his selection of T-shirts and socks. Three packages of socks and four packages of shirts in various types make the cut… in XS, L or XL, WTF?


Katy Perry
What makes this Kitty purry? Only the best dressing rooms essentials, of course! From her designer chairs and table (in a “perspex modern style”) to her glass-front refrigerator, we’d have thought this kitten would want to get her mittens on some less frigid settings. The best part of Katy’s rider? In all caps, “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.”


Kanye West
Not only does Yeezy specify that the venue must provide — and then re-cut! — Versace towels for him at his shows to use onstage, but he even takes out specifics on whomever will be his chauffeur. Even still, specifying that his driver wear “No man-made fibers,” must be one of the most random requests we’ve heard yet.


Christina Aguilera
From eschewing Styrofoam products “due to the state of the environment” to Echinacea tablets, we’re at least glad Xtina’s demands include vitamins — Flintstones vitamins, to be exact.


Justin Timberlake
If you thought Christina was all about health, then JT requires a whole new level when he travels. Not only does he request an entire floor of the hotel for his entourage, but he also requires that the doorknobs be disinfected every two hours! Ever thought about bottles of Purell there, Justin?


Selena Gomez
Sel hardly seems like the type to make egregious demands, and we’re only mildly surprised at her insistence on eating on real china with actual silverware, with food being served in a dining area. A quaint backstage dinner for the group, perhaps?

Facebook (Selena Gomez)

Britney Spears
While performing in London in 2011, Britney may have added some more Euro-centric additions to her tour rider. From noshing on McDonald’s cheeseburgers without the bun and 100 prunes and figs, the most unexpected addition may have been the most touching — a framed photo of the late Princess Diana.


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  • Bellini

    Of course Justin Bieber would want such stupid things-he’s a stupid person, so who’s really shocked?

    • jb fan

      yes stupid like u

  • Jane

    What’s weird with Taylor wanting a coffee?

  • Maddilynn

    They do this to make sure their people pay attention to details- most of the stars could care less. Say is Selena didn’t say that and then maybe her crew wouldn’t be so attentive to details and she couldn’t be so sure every thing that really needs to be done is done!

    Xoxo M