Mean Stinks! Check Out This Teen’s Experience With Fighting Off A Bully

by: on | in Random Stuff | 4 Comments reader Gracie wrote on our message boards about an experience she had with a bully. We decided to take her story and turn it into an awesome comic! Check out what she wrote (and the comic) below!

“Last year I was in 7th grade and was very self conscious. I had terrible acne and my hair was never where it was supposed to be. I started out pretending it wasn’t there but then others started noticing and they’d comment on it something rude like ‘connect the dots’ and really just went out of there way to say something. Later in the year a boy was transferred into my class and he almost immediately targeted me. No matter how many times I pretended to ignore him nothing happened I tried telling him to stop with the same result. So one day I was writing something in a notebook and he kept bothering me about what I was writing and it was a conversation I will never forget. He started saying things like ‘Whatcha gonna do bout it huh?’ and I replied ‘Nothing because you aren’t worth my time. You must have such a terrible life to have to take it out on others like that.’ And suddenly he just stopped smiling and harassing me and just sat there I felt so powerful. And so I did the same thing to others who bothered me and a few even apologized and since then my acne has cleared I’ve learned how to style my hair have more confidence than I know what to do with and am loving 8th grade :)”

Check out the full comic below! You can share your secrets and talk about how you overcame a situation with bullying in’s message boards presented by Secret.

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  • Anzari

    I wonder why people bullied other just bcause their physical appereance. It doesn’t matter to a friendship, though. So what’s wrong with it? :/

  • Heather

    My daughter is in Kindergarten and is being bullied. I’m teaching her some good comebacks for the jealous little that does my like daughter. The reason my daughter is picked on is because she likes tap dance and superheros, not princesses. yeah go figure right? This little girl even hit my daughter over the princess ariel! My daughter defended herself!
    I will teach my daughter this saying!

  • evelyn

    i was in 7 th grade last year to i was bullied i just ignored them

    • Maryam

      I’m getting bullied by people and sometimes I think why should I get up to people’s expectations when they don’t go up to mines n I still get bullied my teachers parents everyone is helping but it wont stop people are really getting worse by day if I do a little RONG dee on my case I try so hard ignoring dem but I guess der bullies from de start ;(