Caption This Funny Photo of Rihanna on Her ‘777’ Tour

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Rihanna‘s seventh album, Unapologetic, is everything right about now, which is why we dedicated an entire survival game to her. (Have you voted for Rihanna’s best hairstyle yet?) And while on her 777 tour, we couldn’t help but notice this little gem of a picture. She looks happy, gorgeous (and a little crazy, we admit), so how would you caption this? Come on, you know you’ve got some good lines up your sleeves…


Caption This Hilar Pic of Jamie Campbell Bower!

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  • mirabai1985

    OMG! I poked his eyes out!

  • ojongprince

    nothing to say

  • Rosella

    Shit! OMG I forgot to put my shirt on!

  • awaken

    “aaaah ah I, aaaah ah I. I can’t remember to forget you!”

  • NCassio

    Where is my Umbrella, ella, ella…?

  • sagar

    kia hal hain ap ke

  • Alex

    Oh for gods SAKE! I forgot the shirt AGAIN…

  • Lu lu

    Oh crap, I forgot to put a tampon in!

  • Tiffany

    “Ahh! I can’t marry MC Hammer now I didn’t wear the gold pants!”

  • rachel

    oh yeahhhhhhh…

  • Kristen

    OMG I forgot a shirt again!!!!

  • tyrelle

    ” what the h3(( they put on me?!?! “

  • Katie

    S#!$ I forgot to take my valtrex

  • Nique

    Aghhhhhh my boobs hurt in these animal cones. How da’ heck did Madonna keep from screaming?

  • tinaweena

    What time is it?? 7! I forgot the dry cleaning and they closed at 5!!!! Gaaaaa!

  • Laney

    “He didn’t staayyyyy!”

  • shelby

    whyyyyyy did I think getting back with Chris was a good idea?!?

  • Dana

    Bwaaahaaahaaa! Herpes from using my lipstick, taaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaa

  • Tara

    “Should’ve had a V8!”

  • Leona

    Tahaaaaaaa!!! Beyonce said bow down ? Bitch, I’m Rihanna !

    • Kana

      Yay some peps from 2013

    • hearts

      and? Beyonce>>>>