Carlos Pena & Alexa Vega’s Twitter Timeline: Would You Ship Carlexa?

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From past experience, we’ve all learned that seemingly lovey-dovey Instagram and Twitter pictures don’t always equal a relationship in real life. (Remember the Keegan Allen and Ashley Benson fiasco? Glad that was sorted out.) But, after stalking careful investigation of Carlos Pena‘s and Alexa Vega‘s feeds, we know we hooked a big one. See their timeline (so far)!

November 7 — the RTs start on Alexa’s page. Then…

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

The tweet below was a bit of a drawback. “[O]nly lady,” huh?

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

Instagram (@vegaalexa)

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

And from yesterday, the same Clippers game:

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

Instagram (@vegaalexa)

Neither of the two are strangers to serious relationships. For a long while, Carlos was dating actress Samantha Droke, until he publicly announced their split this past June. As for Alexa, she took the plunge and got married two years ago when she was only 22! However, she filed for divorce in July citing “irreconcilable differences.”

So, what do you think is going on between Carlos and Alexa? Would you ship Carlexa? Reveal, Rushers. We wanna know!

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5 Responses to "Carlos Pena & Alexa Vega’s Twitter Timeline: Would You Ship Carlexa?"

  1. […] for one of our fave couples — Carlos Pena and Alexa Vega are engaged! The two, who have been dating since late last year, have been pretty sly about announcing it themselves, but have been tweeting congratulations from […]

    Kaitlyn says:

    I think they are dating, but they don’t want their relationship to go public just quite yet. All of my friends and I ship Carlexa as a couple. I also think that Carlos thinks the Rushers will take it differently since in late October, Carlos posted photos of him Alec and Sammy, and we Rushers thought Samlos was back. No one may never know with Carlos.

    nm says:

    I think they are but I think Alexa has changed a lot since spy kids and I’m not sure I’m loving her new fierce tuff-gal attitude

    Emily Poulton says:

    I don’t ship them as a couple. Carlos and Alexa are best friends and I don’t think Carlos is looking for a girlfriend or anything right now. I ship Carlexa as a friendship :)

    Courtney says:

    The Pic of Sydney (his dog) Was his way of proving that they’re NOT dating. They’re not. But if they were, he would tell us if he wanted us to know.

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