10 Things to Know About Singer/Rapper Becky G!

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You know your life is going places when Simon Cowell takes the time to tweet about you and refer to you as a star in the making. Most of us would dream about this day, but for one 15-year-old from Inglewood, California, it became a reality. Becky Gomez (or just Becky G for short) is a force to be reckoned with. Seriously, she has worked with just about everybody. From opening up Justin Bieber‘s Believe tour to making a music video with Cher Lloyd, Becky’s rise to the top might be shorter than we all think.

Catch Becky G’s “Oath” performance alongside Cher Lloyd on a recent episode of The X Factor and find out more about the rapper’s career and who else she was able to work with below:

1. She knew she wanted to pursue something (anything!) in the music field when she was nine. “It was the one thing that was always there for me. Whether it was hip-hop, pop, country or Spanish music, it just always completed me,” she wrote on her official webpage, iambeckyg.com.


2. Her YouTube channel and unreal remix of “Otis” caught the eye of music producer, Dr. Luke, who has worked with Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson and P!nk to name a few.

3. Becky is featured in Cody Simpson’s single “Wish U Were Here” and joined him on tour with Justin Bieber. Jealous much?

4. Speaking of the Biebs, Becky got his attention when he heard her “Die Young” remix… and called her out on Twitter.


5. She dressed up as Minnie Mouse this year for Halloween. Too cute!


6. Becky has been good friends with Shake It Up‘s Adam Irigoyen for a while. Check out this adorable throwback pic of the two:


7. She’s got a song on the Hotel Transylvania soundtrack called “Problem (The Monster Remix)” featuring will.i.am!

8. If music was out of the question, she’d want to pursue a career in fashion! Loving her fun style, not gonna lie.


9. Becky is documenting her rise to stardom by writing a weekly post for ABC Univision.


10. Her debut album is rumored to be dropping in January 2013. Can we wait that long?!


Watch Becky G in Cody’s “Wish U Were Here” on Ellen!

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