Daniel Radcliffe Embraces Social Media With Google+ Page

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While many stars connect with fans thanks to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Daniel Radcliffe is slowly but surely entering the social media world! The Harry Potter star just announced that he has signed up for a Google+ page. What was Dan’s main reason for joining?

In a statement to MTV, D-Rad said, “This has mainly come about because of the amount of people that I meet who tell me that they have contacted me on Twitter or Facebook when I know that’s impossible — because I don’t belong to either one of those sites.” His page also has a header that reads, “Hello everyone. So this is my first foray into the world of social media. This exists for one main reason: to be my only official and verified online presence. It gives accurate information free from impostors or fabrication. So if you prefer accurate information, welcome to Google.com/+Daniel Radcliffe.”

There’s already a number of posts about his upcoming projects, so head over to his Google+ page to check them out and learn more! One project Daniel has been working on? The dark flick, Horns, where he plays a character who literally transforms into the devil after all the bad deeds he does. He’s definitely moved on from his Harry Potter days!

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Yet Another New Project From Daniel…

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    So happy for him! I am in love with him!