10 Funny ‘Twilight’ Fandom Confessions

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With the release of Breaking Dawn — Part 2 – can you believe it’s been two weeks already?! — it’s time to bid farewell to the epic-ness of Bella, Edward, Jacob and their overly complex lives. Sigh. But The Twilight Saga is, like, serious business. Twilight is LIFE. And with life comes secrets and things left unsaid, only to be revealed on the Internet…

No denial here.

Tumblr (lionandlambconfessions)

Being Team Edward or Team Jacob is such an investment, you don’t even understand.

Tumblr (fandom-confessions)

But this is Team Jacob to the extreme.

Tumblr (confessionsofatwilight)

LOL, guess they aren’t fans of Bella’s naming “creativity.”

Tumblr (iluvmormonvampires)

“You’re tacky and I hate you,” says this person to Rosalie’s necklaces.

Tumblr (lionandlambconfessions)

#tears, y’all.


I guess a monochrome wardrobe makes it easy to get dressed in the morning.

WordPress (Letters to Twilight)

A saucy idea. Stephenie Meyer, get on it!

Tumblr (lionandlambconfessions)

Because sparkly skin is such a common feature in male characters.

Tumblr (iluvmormonvampires)

Gawd, is this really a question or is it just a fact of life?

Tumblr (twilightconfessions)

How to Dress Like Bella Swan

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4 Responses to "10 Funny ‘Twilight’ Fandom Confessions"

  1. Teen.com
    alexis says:

    u guys i would luv to be apart of amovie sign me up im in line first

  2. Teen.com
    mrs. lautner!! says:

    I want another twilight please i begg you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh i love taylor lautner with all my lime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Teen.com
    Champers says:

    Most of these are just plain sad. They’re an averagely-written, superficial set of books, now please get over them already.

  4. Teen.com
    ismaella says:


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