CONFIRMED: One Direction to Launch Own Fragrance in Fall 2013

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When we first heard speculation that One Direction might be releasing a fragrance a la Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc. we couldn’t help but cross our fingers that the news would be confirmed. Well, good news, Directioners — the Eau de la 1D is officially a go!

This morning, the band’s official Facebook page posted the following status to confirm what everyone was hoping for. It read: “BIG NEWS DIRECTIONERS! A 1D fragrance is on the way! Niall says: We’ve been discussing it for quite a while… we really can’t wait to hear what our fans think!” 1DHQ x”

WWD reports that the guys have signed a licensing deal with Olivann Beauty and the fragrance will hit department stores next fall. And, while that may seem like forever away (ehh, it kinda is), more details about the scent will be released in early 2013 to hold everyone over.

So, what will the fragrance smell like? What should they call it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on the One Direction message board!

1D Makes History With Take Me Home!

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  • Sofia

    I don’t often think of lemon with pasta but looking at this recpie, I’m not sure why not! What a great way to add a ‘high note’ to cooked pasta. This looks amazing. Thanks!



  • julie ann

    wooooooooohooooooooooooo i love one direction soooo much i hope i will see them in the philippines gogogogo one direction iloveyou:)))))))


    I Love 1 D Very Much

  • sarah

    i love you more than any one in the world omg!!!!!!!!:)

  • Jordan W

    O.K i have no words to describe how pumped i am for this One Direction fragrance to come out.I love One Direction i love their songs.I love how good looking they are.( Especially Harry) and I’m so excited to get there fragrance. Am i the only one??…

    Well ill be counting down the days until it comes out!!

    xoxo: 1D luver

  • mickay

    cant wait to have those!! hope it will be available in the philippines! :)

  • mickay

    i will totally buy it!! hope it will be available in philippines! :))

  • Jacii

    I LOVE One Direction.. But I doubt its gonna smell good.. JS

  • Ana Beatriz Quijano Barrios

    OMG!!!! One Direction making their own fragrance next year?!!! No way!!!! I don’t know when!!! Can’t wait!!

  • devin@shakeituplovebellaandzendaya#1

    I love1d!!!! I have their 2 of their new albums of this year before it is over!!! I would love to buy 1d fragence maybe…? Sometime next time! !!!!! Do u love the wanted better than onedirection!!???

  • emms

    YEAH!!! TOTTALY BUYING IT!!!!!!! <3 you guys :)

  • sharon paroisse

    i love one direction i never meet them in my whole life.

    • sharon paroisse

      and i ready have the take me home ablum all ready.

  • Albie

    It’ll probably reek of pompousness and big-headedness, knowing them. Either way, no way am I ever buying such a piece of rubbish,

    • Emily

      Agreed. It seems kind of gay for a boy band to have their own fragrance. And for any Directioner who doesn’t like this; no matter how many times you tell me to die because I’m worthless rubbish, I’m staying alive.

    • Emily

      Honestly, it’s your guys’ opinion on whether or not you like One Direction or if you’ll buy their fragrance etc. But saying that it’ll “reek of pompousness and big-headedness” is really not true because you don’t know any of them, you’ve never met them. And saying it’s “kind of gay for a boy band to have their own fragrance” well first, I don’t see why gay has to be used to defend your reason, second, I think it was a smart move business wise, because they obviously have more fans who are female rather than male, so if they made a cologne, I doubt many guys would buy it. However, making a fragrance, they’re bound to make a lot of money (not that they need it anyways :P) And I think you’re overreacting about saying Directioners are gonna tell you to die because you’re worthless… There are people like that, but not just Directioners.. o.o

      • Champers

        To be honest, the bottom line is that they don’t deserve the oppurtunity to be famous and release their own perfume. I’m saddened by the fact that the world is superficial enough to judge them purely by looks and not by talent (clearly, as they have none), and really talented artists are getting none of the limelight they geniunely deserve.

      • Chrissie

        I agree with you. They worked hard to get where they are today. So what if they don;t have some sob story like Justin Bieber. Not everyone has to have some sad pity me story to famous. As for Champers they do deserve to be famous and have their own perfume. Your just mad cuz that’s not you. Because you don’t have what they have and that’s just sad. Why envy someone else life instead of trying to make your own life better. Also If you don’t like them why are you even on here just cuz you don’t like them doesn’t mean you have to and find a site with 1D stuff to hate on them. Your hurting their feelings, you may think their not going to see this but what if they do? their people to and I’m sure you don’t like being told you don’t deserve something or your not talented. THINK ABOUT YOUR ACTIONS BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING! YOU’LL ONLY MAKE THINGS WORST FOR YOU!