‘Glee’ Recap: What Went Down During Sectionals on “Thanksgiving?”

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We’re kinda freaking out, you guys. Because while every other Sectionals episode of Glee is totally predictable — New Directions is crowned the winner, duh — last night’s show threw us for a loop. Though the first place trophy wasn’t given out by ep’s end, the events that took place beforehand made it look like the Warblers (who sang One Direction‘s “Live While We’re Young”) will snag the top spot instead. Read on for the most important “Thanksgiving” antics below, then make sure to join the conversation on our Glee message board!

The former champions return to McKinley. Did anyone else tear up during the “Homeward Bound”/”Home” mash-up? C’mon, it can’t be just us. Finn, Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Mike and Santana’s collaboration was just what we needed after last week’s silly show. (Sorry, had to say it.) But it wasn’t all a sweet homecoming; Quinn and Santana slap each other (just like Dianna Agron told us) because of unresolved HS issues, clearly; the former members of New Directions were matched up with newbies, and Kitty convinces Quinn that Jake’s using Marley… It was just a mess, let’s leave it at that.


Rachel and Kurt have a Thanksgiving “kiki” with Brody, Kurt’s Vogue boss and a bunch of her friends, including drag queens. For reference purposes, a kiki is a party of sorts where you can gossip and catch up with your girlfriends. And that’s pretty much the end of that storyline. (But Rachel ends up forgiving Brody for hooking up with Cassie, which is a plus.)


Kurt and Blaine plan to reunite! And around Christmas time, too. How romantic. Kurt calls up Blaine before Sectionals to wish him well, and to tell him that, though he hasn’t 100% forgiven him for cheating, he does believe that Blaine’s sorry. So stay tuned!


Speaking of Sectionals, New Directions performs “Gangnam Style.” (Yeah, because that’s definitely a song that shows off vocal abilities.) Then that’s it; there were no other songs on last night’s episode because…


Marley faints! Ever since “Glease,” Marley either forces herself to puke after all her meals and/or barely eats (she allows herself one measly Tic Tac during “Thanksgiving”) because Kitty convinces her she’s gaining weight. So, considering her unhealthy habits, she falls to the ground at the end of the performance. Now, the fate of the glee club is up in the air. Dun dun dun…


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  1. Teen.com
    SexyBabyPenguin says:

    I can’t understand why the Warblers cheated at Sectionals! They were already perfect at what they do. I will always be a Warblette, no matter what, but I am very disappointed in them. *Sigh* Warble on, my friends.

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