Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Spotted on Date in Central Park, NYC (PICS)

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Though Niall Horan insisted that Harry Styles is a “single Pringle” (along with Liam Payne) as recently as last week, there’s no denying that there’s something going on between the One Direction cutie and Taylor Swift. Not only was Haylor confirmed by Mario Lopez while the singers were both on the set of The X Factor, but the duo was spotted on a date in New York City this weekend. Guess those matching necklaces really are more than just similar taste, eh?

Twitter (@1Dupdates2)

However, it wasn’t exactly romantic as the two were joined by 1D stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiance, Tom, and their baby, Lux. But still, according to E! News, “Harry and Taylor were walking next to each other. They seemed happy to be together, talking and smiling. Taylor seemed to be in a great mood. Lou and Tom were walking next to them and pushing their baby Lux in a stroller.” Here’s Haylor with Lux:

Twitter (@1Dupdates2)

Multiple Directioners and Swifties took to Twitter during the date, too:

Be Honest, Do You Approve of Haylor?

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  • mickay

    A lot of people loves this connection between them but there are people who hates it… but if you are gonna ask me, I dont like it… Taylor, as we all know, dont know how to make relationships last. but she says its her ex-boyfriends’ problem not her why they broke up… but for me, I think its her problem cause we hadnt even heard a complain from her exes, right? so I think its her problem… but the bottomline here is: Whether you love them or not, lets be happy for them :)) it doesnt mean that when youre a superstar, you cant have a normal lovelife just because your fans will hate it or something… Right guys?

  • Lauren

    I mean you guys should be happy for taylor and harry they were through heavy relationships in the past so lets just give them a chance and see if it will work out between them and yeah maybe they are gonna break-up and I said maybe they are but let’s hope for the best and anyways if you are afraid that taylor is gonna break harry’s heart and write a song about how terrible harry was I mean that is not the fans business and anyway harry was warned in the beginning so stop treating him like he is a little kid


  • swiftie

    Uggh….. I mean, I’m happy for her, it’s her life and all, but Harry’s not even cute! And he’s the same age as Connor Kennedy, and everybody was like, “he’s to young for her” when she Connor but this is okay?

  • Leilane

    Oh Harry, you’re going crazy? She’ll destroy you as she does with all men who pass through her ​​life. You can be dangerous and cruel to the girls, but will never be as cruel as Taylor Swift is with men!

  • Anzari

    Harry and Tay looks cute together :3 at first i thought Taylor was still with Connor Kennedy. But i found out that she broke up. She is never ever ever getting back together (maybe)

  • Louislover84

    They look so happy together, but I dont want them to go out, shes 4 years older than him!!!♥♥♥

  • KelseyJ


    • Chrissie

      Mind if I join you?? she’s going to hurt Harry. I like her but all she does is go out with guys and break up with them to write a song. If she wants to do that with someone else by all means go ahead, But if she’s going to do that to Harry then something is wrong with her. part of this is coming from the fact that I wish Harry was mine I will admit. But this is also coming from the facts of all her other pass relationships.

  • hi

    that’s what happen when you fuckin love a famous peole, i hate taylor swift.

  • Hannah


  • Bryanna

    I really don’t like this WHY? Haylor has to be fake gimme answers.

  • Megan

    i hate life s o m u c h

  • Brooklin

    AWWWW……… My favorite celebrities are a couple. :) <3 They are SO adorable together. But I do feel a little jealous that Harry isn't with me.