5 Fun Facts About Joe Jonas’ New Girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler

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Joe Jonas spotted with another hottie? Color us shocked. (He does have a reputation, you know.) But upon further inspection, Joe’s new lady friend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, seems — dare we say it? — awesome. It might impress you to know that this 29-year-old might be the total package. We’re talking brains and beauty here. So, we’ve curated the five most interesting facts about the latest Jonas GF. After all, we’re only looking out for Joe’s best interests…

Tumblr (nik-ashe)

She’s Team Switzerland
The former model, now residing in New York City, was born overseas in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And there’s no way that growing up in such a place can’t impact your beauty. She’s gorgeous!

Twitter (@blanda_blanda)

She’s an Accomplished Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Not only were we pleasantly surprised to find that we enjoyed Miss Eggenschwiler’s aesthetics, but she’s had a number of remarkable assignments, which you can see via her website, blandablanda.com. Pretty impressive, don’tchya think?

Twitter (@bland_blanda)

She’s Had Her Own Clothing Collection
If you’ve ever seen Justin Bieber wear a hat, then odds sure that you’ve seen the OBEY clothing line before. Who knew that OBEY had guest artists do limited edition T-shirt collections for them? We didn’t either — until we saw Blanda’s!


She’s Currently Working for The New York Times
The media equivalent of winning a Lifetime Achievement Award, this lady broke into the old boys’ club before reaching 30. And she still has time to go to Disneyland with Joe? Girl can multitask.

Twitter (@blanda_blanda)

Despite Being a Former Model, She’s Totally Down to Earth
Joe’s always said that the easiest way to meet him is to just say hi, so you know Blanda’s got to be easy to get along with. No small feat for someone used to being admired for her beauty…

The Formula

Quiz: Which of Joe Jonas’ Exes Are You?

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14 Responses to "5 Fun Facts About Joe Jonas’ New Girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler"

  1. Teen.com
    mai youssef says:

    I’m such a huge fan of joe and his couple with ex- demi blanda is so much older but she’s humble and beautiful but the rumors around her jar this all and the sex tape rumor
    is definetly false i know joe inside out he is kinda ladies man but respectable and i dream to meet him day and night

  2. Teen.com
    lovatic says:

    WOW good for him and her

  3. Teen.com
    Megan says:

    For gods sake guys leave Blanda alone!!

    She’s not part of the illuminati, she still designs for Obey and who gives a damn if she’s older than Joe? Personally, that means she’s more mature and knows what she wants in a relationship.

    Why all the hate? Blanda is beautiful and is more mature than all you 12 year olds that doesn’t want anyone dating “their precious idol.”

  4. Teen.com
    jessie says:


  5. Teen.com
    kristen pasistor says:

    I have no saying on this but she is older then joe and why cant joe just stick to one girl at a time I know he’s a ladies man because I used to be fans with the Jonas brothers but just like kevin why nant joe stick to one girl at a time and slow down he’s only eh 23? and yet he’s rushing I mean dating someone that’s close to 30 is not what everyone has expected why not date someone your age I mean Ashley green was more prettier and is 25

  6. Teen.com
    magali says:

    well joe jonas is to pretty for her she is ugly oh well

  7. Teen.com
    Adri says:

    STOP HATING. Blanda is beautiful, talented, down to Earth, and has everything a guy wants. You just hate her because she is dating Joe and because she is beautiful. Let Blanda be the religion she wants and let her party if she wants. You are no one to tell people how to be. Blanda is a truly genuine person, I know it beacause I once met her. She is one of the most amazing girls

  8. Teen.com
    miss world says:

    ugh im not a satanist i have no friends i only comment on friends and family wtf i havea verizon flip phone, so fu….im not a satanist ok illumaniti was high gpa not the murder death threat i dont have my own clothing line fuckers and i dont look like that, im plus size! haters gtfo fu

  9. Teen.com
    Ara says:

    Jeeez! she looks like a guy.

  10. Teen.com
    Lizzie says:

    That second picture is taken in Amsterdam NOT Switzerland. But I agree, Amsterdam IS beautiful :)

  11. Teen.com
    Kristen says:

    why would anyone date him?!!! she’s totally gorgeous and obviously talented, but everyone who gets near him gets burned…. i don’t want to see another girl fade into oblivion because of him.

    • Teen.com
      Carla says:

      There important facts that you don’t know

      1º pic number one is photoshoop. She looks more old now

      2º This cougar doesn’t work for New York Times anymore. She got fired.

      3º She is a smoker (druggie¿? there a lot of rumours about it) & hardcore partier

      4º her work for obey is irrelevant

      5º She is a illuminati …. a satan worshipper. She likes satanic pics on instagram. Yes her instagram is private but her satanic friend have pictures and she liked some like SATAN 4 EVER ..5 weeks ago. We have proofs about it.

      6º This cougar is a famewhore, do you saw that she is always looking at the camaras.
      Since when an irrelevant person as Blanda has to respond to the paps? and the paps asked Joe NOT to her.. she want attention..

      You see there are photos of them everyday. Sure, they go where they know there are a lot of paps.. This is so obvious

      I mean, Joe has had beautiful girlfriends in the past but I think this older woman is by far the worst choice. As you can date a worshipper satan????

      • Teen.com
        lui says:

        hmmm i think it will not last.. if she’s really a satan worshipper i hope he’ll not influence joe!! :S and he’ll not influence joe to party hard!

    • Teen.com
      jahauna says:

      ok i agree she is to pretty for him amnd his is the ugly one and besides nick is the cute one i mean joe was cute but nick is dreammy

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