‘Glee’ Recap: What Went Down After Sectionals on “Swan Song”

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Based on the previews, it was pretty clear that New Directions lost after Marley fainted at Sectionals during “Thanksgiving.” We just didn’t think the glee club would go down without a fight… but it did. So, for the first time in the history of Glee, ND was out after just one competition — for the entire season! What now? We’ll give you the play-by-play of last night’s “Swan Song” events, then make sure to join the conversation on our Glee message board!

New Directions loses Sectionals; Marley blames herself. As well she should. And Kitty, for that matter. Though, they performed “Gangnam Style” as their big number, so…


Everyone joins every other club. Blaine and Tina join the Cheerios; Artie joins the marching band; Ryder and Jake join the basketball team; Unique joins the hockey team; Joe joins the interfaith paintball team… For a school that seemingly can’t afford anything, it sure has a lot of extra-curricular (and WTF-status) activities.


Sam and Brittany give dating a try. Let’s make sure we got this right. First, Sam and Santana hooked up for a few episodes. Then, him and Mercedes had a fling, while Santana and Brittany started a relationship. All of them were “in love” at one point, but now, Sam and Brittany are into each other. Oh, high school…


Rachel’s invited to the NYADA Winter Showcase — and wins! Only one freshman was invited in the past seven years. Yet Rachel, who was shot down by Carmen Tibideaux after she choked during her audition, not only receives an invitation, but takes home the grand prize!


Kurt is accepted into NYADA. After grabbing Carmen’s attention once more, Kurt is allowed another chance at his dream school. So, after Rachel gives a heart-stopping performance at the Winter Showcase, Kurt belts out Company‘s “Being Alive” to show his true depth. And gets in!


Gleek Out! More Glee Christmas Music!

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One Response to "‘Glee’ Recap: What Went Down After Sectionals on “Swan Song”"

  1. Teen.com
    SPurvis says:

    This episode rocked! Both Kurt’s and Rachel’s performances were amazing! And I cannot believe Kurt would submit his reapplication with a cover of Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (what?)… Not that that wouldn’t be a fun thing to see, but ..really? But he takes charge of his life to go see if she got it and what she thought. And finds out what they ARE looking for. Sometimes, you can’t just sit and wait for dreams to come true.

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