Justin Bieber Alleged Murder and Castration Plot: Scooter Braun Speaks Out

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Justin Bieber on Instagram

A plot to allegedly murder and castrate Justin Bieber has been derailed by investigators according to Albuquerque’s KRQE. According to reports,  a man named Dana Martin, who is currently serving two life sentences at a New Meixco prison for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Vermont 12 years ago, was attempting to recruit a fellow inmate at the state prison to help  him carry out a series of murders, one involving JB himself.

Apparently the inmate, Mark Staake, and his nephew Tanner Ruane were going to carry out their plot during his sold-out concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden last November, according to law-enforcement officials. The duo were going to strangle not only Justin, but his bodyguard as well, then castrate and murder them (in case you don’t know, castrating is when a male’s testicles are cut off).

Luckily, Mark was arrested in Vermont on outstanding warrants before he could perform the terrifying act. KRQE reports that Mark is “obsessed” with the “Baby” singer and even has a tattoo of him on his leg, and confessed to the whole scheme to cops after he was arrested. The suspicions were later confirmed when investigators listened in to some recorded phone calls between Dana and Mark as they discussed the murder plot,

Justin’s long time manager Scooter Braun gave a statement to US Weekly and assured them that, “We take every precaution to protect and insure the safety of Justin and his fans.”

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  • GOD

    I think they misspelled the word Sadly at “Luckily, Mark was arrested”

    • hi

      FGHJKDAJKDA ok cool wish death on a person awesome claps 4 u good job commenters I DON’T EVEN LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER BUT GOD COULD YOU NOT BE SO RUDE JESUS YOU ALL ARE SO CRUEL YOU SUCK

  • Thatotherguyoverthere

    What a shame, he’ll be gone soon enough.

  • Dana Martin

    so close!

  • breg

    how do you castrate that which has no testicles?

  • Yotsuba

    How do you castrate something without balls?

  • Ronnie

    What’s the point of castrating him when he doesn’t even have any to be cut off.

  • Mike Trout

    How do you strangle, THEN murder someone? lol.

  • Thatguy

    That’s a shame. Why would the cops stop them?

  • Justin Bieber

    Its all right, I ain’t got a dick

  • Deon

    its only a matter of time

    • Pickle

      Thank God. If nobody in the next year at least attempts to remove Bieber’s vocal chords, then I will.