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Another Thursday means another Glee! Well, at least for tonight. (Then the show goes on hiatus for the winter.) And you should be getting pumped because a bunch of the tracks from Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 3 will be featured, like Klaine’s “White Christmas” duet! But will the entire episode — airing at 9pm ET, FYI — be all candy canes and wintry goodness? Let’s delve…

The “Glee, Actually” Christmas ep will be inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life and Love, Actually, so expect to see some black-and-white (like last year’s “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” which was pretty meh). Along with that, further details on Sam and Brittany’s out-of-the-blue relationship will be revealed. Does anyone think that “wedding” is happening tonight? ’cause we do. And, obviously, something between Kurt and Blaine happens — some hand-holding, maybe? — because they get their own romantic Xmas tune a la their Season 2 “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

As always, we’ll be recapping the show tomorrow morning, but we want YOU to tell us your opinions — the good and the bad — about all of it in our Glee message board. To participate, click on the link below!

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  • Prince

    I totally agree. I was honipg that they would show Santana tell her parents. That scene would have been powerful and actually have meaning instead of her saying that her parents are pretty cool about it . Still love Santana though. She is funny and has tons of attitude.