From Our BFFs: One Direction Named MTV’s 2012 Artist(s) of the Year!

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As if they don’t have enough awards, One Direction just got one more. Do you agree with the outcome? [ClevverTV]

So… Katy Perry and John Mayer are still dating, eh? [PopCrush]

Carly Rose Sonenclar is still in the running for The X Factor! [Hollywire]

Can you believe *SPOILER* died on The Vampire Diaries last night?! [The Vampire Diaries]

Selena Gomez‘s next move: a biopic? [M]

The hottest bods of 2012 include Jennifer Lawrence‘s _____. Well, duh! [Wetpaint]

Happy birthday, Vanessa Hudgens! Now let’s look at your hot boyfriends, past & present. [Crushable]

Speaking of, Zac Efron just nabbed the top spot in… [SparkNotes]

Go inside the Beautiful Creatures costumes here: [Just Jared Jr.]

No need to break the bank to get your BFF a Christmas gift… [Gurl]

Develop your own style — plus other ways to stop caring about what others think. [HuffPost Teen]

“My crush only talks to me on the Internet!” How to deal with this scenario… [HelloGiggles]

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17 Responses to "From Our BFFs: One Direction Named MTV’s 2012 Artist(s) of the Year!"

    claire says:


    Kiki says:

    HELL YEA!!!

      Kiara says:

      HELL NO! I’m not a hater, I’m just a person with some sense and taste in music. Go and listen to some musicals to save your corrupted brain.

    Selenator Directioner says:

    They deserve it those who dont like them are just jealous of their achievement :)

    Rachel says:

    i love one direction!! they are very talented and amazing :) they absolutely deserve that award cuz its true :D

    lil'keyz says:

    ummmmm we are talking about 1dhere poeple of course they do.they deserved it,and im not just saying that because i love the song rock me

    Aniyah Payne says:

    They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 them

    Princess Leia says:

    Whatever troll keeps posting comments saying “they totally deserve it”, please:
    a) Shut up
    b) Get a better taste in music.

      Directioner says:

      U know no directioner will stop loving 1D just because in this world we got some directionaters like u HATER

    Dal says:

    They totally deserve it they are awesome

    lexer says:

    they totally deserve it

      Lexi says:

      I really hope you’re being sarcastic, because otherwise you must lead a very sad life if you think they deserved that award. They do so little work for what they get, purely because some deluded tween girls with zero taste fancy them for some bizarre reason.

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