Newtown School Shooting: Celebs Express Their Heartache on Twitter

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Millions around the world are struggling to comprehend the school shooting that occurred at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday December 14, and that includes celebrities. Though there are few words that can heal the damage that has been done, some celebs did their best to send out well wishes to all those involved in the horrific incident.

Stars such as Rihanna, Nick Jonas, and Victoria Justice all took a moment from their day to express their deepest condescension on Twitter. Check out their heartfelt messages below.

Miley Cyrus:

Nick Jonas:

Justin Bieber

Rita Ora

Britney Spears

Joe Jonas

Bella Thorne

Debby Ryan

Victoria Justice

Ashley Benson

Lucy Hale

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  • Briana Thomas

    m srry 4 wat happened.

  • bridgett

    the shooting in ct should have never happened it made my cry all the kids and adults that died are in my hearts :( :( :(

  • khalaryah

    why is the world so jacked up. why do people wake up wanting to do terrible things to people. it really sickens me to listen to the terrible things on t.v those people had their livees ahead of them and that piece of garbage took it away even if we knew why it still wouldnt help anyone.and how do you kill a bunch of kids and your mom this dude was messed up. i pray for the families and friends that knew the victims NOT the killer.

  • Rachel