Miley Cyrus’ Puppy Lila Killed by Dog Ziggy, According to Mom Tish

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Twitter (@mileycyrus)

Twitter (@mileycyrus)

Last week, Miley Cyrus publicly announced the traumatic news that her beloved dog Lila passed away. Though many speculated that it could’ve been related to the same reason she visited the hospital this past October, Miley’s mother, Tish, reveals the true devastation.

On her blog, Off the Record, Tish says, “The way that Lila was taken from [Miley] was beyond terrible. Sometimes things happen that we just cant understand. Miley still isn’t ready to talk about it, but I thought you guys should know what happened. […] For some unknown reason, Ziggy grabbed Lila. Not really sure if she was playing or what? She grabbed her in just the wrong spot and Lila didn’t survive.”

Then, she continues with the answer to another unknown piece of the puzzle: “Please understand that Miley isn’t ready to talk about this and we dont think Ziggy is a mean dog. We took Ziggy to SPOT dog rescue and they found her a new home with no other pets or children just in case it wasn’t a fluke. So not only did Miley lose Lila, she feels she lost Ziggy as well.”

During her September 2012 cover spread with Marie Claire, Miley joked about her relationship with diamond-eating pooch Ziggy saying, “She’s a stubborn little bitch, that one. She doesn’t listen to me. She’s in love with Liam [Hemsworth]. She loves me when he’s gone.” There’s still no word on how Liam’s taking the emotional blow.

Twitter (@mileycyrus)

Twitter (@mileycyrus)

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