POLL: Is Harry’s’ Boat Tattoo Based on the One in “I Knew You Were Trouble?”

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Big Machine/Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

Big Machine/Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

This is extreme, guys. Though we saw this morning that Harry Styles got some new ink with Taylor Swift by his side, we’re now seeing reports that it may have to do with Reeve Carney‘s boat tattoo in her “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video. WHAT?! Note the two of ’em side by side above. They’re not exactly identical… but it’s still a large coincidence at the same time. So we wanna know what you think. Do you think Harry got the ship to show his commitment to Haylor? Or does one not have to do with the other? Tell us in the comments and/or vote in our poll!

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  • Angie

    Well I think that the boat meant that he was ready to give up on Taylor and he just did a tattoo to remember the girl that he had any relationship or It was just coincidence but he maybe didn’t ink himself in the exact time when the song was promoted

  • Muy informativo, pero creo que hay algunas cosas que necesitan un poco de precisión. si me lo permiten, me puedes subir aquí algo de información.

  • Panda

    SAILOR for TAYLOR! Lol

  • Lauren

    I dont think so usaly if you get a tatto you think over it for a very long time and i just think maybe Taylor knew about the tatto and put it in her music video because she loves him!!! GO HAYLOR!!

    • Lauren

      hey its me again i just wanted to point out that their not even the same kind of boats! So yeah thats all! GO HAYLOR!

  • mackenzie

    why would he get a tattoo of his girlfriend’s love intrest (that isn’t him)…

  • irshad

    show off in our city

  • lily

    What if this is his way of telling Taylor that he’s trouble and that he’s just gonna leave her?!