Harry Styles Gets New Tattoo with Taylor Swift by His Side (PICTURES)

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Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

If you thought Harry Stylesfestive sweaters were the only new things you’d see on the One Direction guy this holiday season, think again. After leaving the UK and touching back down in Los Angeles to perform on this week’s finale episode of The X Factor, the British boy bander reunited with the other half of Haylor, Taylor Swift. But it wasn’t exactly a hearts-and-flowers type of reunion. Instead, the two took a trip to Shamrock Social Club where he just added another piece of ink to his collection.

In addition to his chest birds, “Things I Can”/”Things I Can’t” arm tattoos and countless others, Hazza engraved a giant boat on his left arm. So far, no details on its meaning have been released.

During the twosome’s trip, the singers posed for pictures with fans as well as parlor workers.

Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)

In case you’re wondering why Shamrock Social Club may sound familiar, it’s the same location where Harry was spotted with Gossip Girl alum Jessica SzohrGlee‘s Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz — among others — back in September of this year. (See the crew below.) Tattoo artist Paul Nguyen confirmed his attendance in his last tweet. What do you think of Harry’s latest ink? Do you think he should stop? If not, what would you like to see him get next? Tell us your thoughts!

Instagram (@kevinmchale)

Instagram (@kevinmchale)

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  • .:MU51CLUV3R:.

    oh lala taylor w/ harry when hes getting tattoo 😉

  • Cheyenna

    i am not saying any of you are hating on them but i need to get this out for future comments. everyone who is sending hate to Taylor, STOP IT. Harry is an adult, and so is Taylor. they are in charge of thier lives, as fans we should support them no matter what. if they are together we should be happy that they are happy. so what if they found a picture or two of harry not smiling while with taylor. maybe the sun was in his eyes, or he just fine. when i am fine, i still look upset sometimes. the bottom line is that we have no right to hate on something that is supposed to be beautiful and happy.

  • Angel

    I think he should get a cat I mean like everyone knows his love for cats or maybe one of taylor i mean he does love pussies 😀

  • Lauren

    I actually think that Taylor and Harry is a cute couple together and that the fans should be happy with it and I mean maybe they are gonna break up, yeah, but Harry was warned about the songwriting stuff that Taylor does so let Harry do his own thing guys I mean he is after-all not a baby anymore

  • claire

    they are eventually gonna break up and he’s gonna regret it. But if Harry is happy so am I

    • Kanani

      How would he regret it? The tattoo has nothing to do with Taylor, she was just there with him while he was getting it done.