POLL: Who’s Your Fave Pup, Penny Cosgrove or Penny (Lane) Cyrus? Vote!

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Instagram (@mirandacosgrove)/Twitter (@noahcyrus)

Instagram (@mirandacosgrove)/Twitter (@PennyLcyrus)

Miranda Cosgrove and Miley Cyrus have more in common than one might think. Besides the fact that they both came from hit TV series (iCarly; Hannah Montana), they both “dated” the same guy (Drew Roy played a bad boy boyfriend to each of them on the previously-mentioned shows), they both recently dealt with the loss of a pet (Miranda lost Pearl; Miley lost Lila), and now, the name Penny.

A few days before Christmas, Miranda Cosgrove Instagrammed the “[m]ost amazing surprise early Christmas gift” — the puppy you see pictured above (on the left). And she just so happened to name the cute canine Penny, similar to the newest edition of the Cyrus clan, Penny Lane (on the right). They’re both super adorbs, but which one’s your fave? Vote!

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  • Kelly

    I like penny lane Cyrus so small and cute

  • Mia

    I cant choose they r both CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • stacy

    i go for penny lane cyrus miley is the best

  • Heather

    The ears on the right dog are not proportional; makes the dog look weird.

  • miley

    miley the best i like miley

  • Anonymous


    • stacy