Do These Pictures Prove a Secret Cyrus-Hemsworth Wedding?

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OMGOMGOMG, can it be true?? After posting this picture of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth on Facebook yesterday, one of you was quick to point out a new ring on Liam’s ring finger. (Good investigating, Teen reader Lilly Lavender Leiran!) Today, TMZ‘s thinkin’ the same thing saying, “it looks suspiciously like a wedding band.”

Instagram (@mileyxxcyrus)

Instagram (@mileyxxcyrus)

And if you look at this pic, Miley’s special finger seems to be occupied by multiple pieces of bling as well. Hmm…

Instagram (@mileyxxcyrus)

Instagram (@mileyxxcyrus)

After the posts, Miley sent out the following tweet:

Of course that could be because of her recent Dolly Parton cover. But “he’s the only one for me” — come on now! So far, neither camp has commented on the potential nuptials.

Who Has the Cuter Pup: Miley or Miranda?

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One Response to "Do These Pictures Prove a Secret Cyrus-Hemsworth Wedding?"

    Vilma says:

    I don’t think they’re married yet. Yes, it does look like a wedding band, BUT, it could also be a “man-gagement ring” They’re becoming more and more popular among engaged males so maybe that’s it? That’s my theory or it could just be a ring he likes.

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