Caption This Cute Picture of Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne!

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We knew Kylie Jenner was tight with Cody Simpson; we knew Bella Thorne was tight with Cody Simpson; we just didn’t realize that the two ladies were tight with each other. Recently, the famous females were spotted strolling alongside one another — sans the Australian singer — after lunch. Why couldn’t we be there?! So we felt this would be the perfect moment for Caption This. Can you imagine their convo? Leave your best in the comments!

Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne


Caption This: Louis Tomlinson… and a Lion?

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  • lillyanna


  • Algenio Jesu Gumangan

    Kylie: I’ve been stabbed by the Hidden Blade, Bella!
    Bella: Me? I’m a Shake It Up Assassin, Jenner

  • Isabella

    Kylie:Then I say “I had a heart attack!”.
    Bella: Nah, nah, that isn’t right.
    Kylie: A seizure?
    Bella: Yeah.

  • Beth Hayton

    hi im beth lol

    todai mii frend woz sad so i sed ‘lol dude wth is up’ and punched her on da arm lol

    • kate gilpin

      lol beth, u a crazzii chick

    • k8

      lol beth u a crazzi chick

    • Viktor

      Hi, I love the spice rack and was just wondering what the diimsneons of the box were. I haven’t been able to find one the right size and want to make one similar to yours.

  • Victoriavieira

    Wow i thought kylie was taller than bella, bella is very tall i think she is 5’10 and kylie is 5’7

    • Zdeněk

      Yeah, but Bella wore a high heels.