Miley Cyrus Adopts Another Dog, Tweets Photo of ‘Bean’

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Miley Cyrus’ (dog) family keeps getting bigger and bigger. The 20-year-old singer just adopted a new dog, and showed off the new pup on her Instagram. “Meet Bean ❤❤❤,” the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer tweeted, along with the above photo. In the tweet, she mentioned “@SpotRescueDogs” which is the shelter she adopted the pup from. (Also, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield adopted their new pup, Ren, from the same L.A. shelter as well.).

Another tweet Miley sent to her more than 11 million Twitter followers about her latest dog addition, “Bean is a little girl :) she is a chihuahua mix of some type :) she brought so much sunshine!!!,” adding in another tweet, “I love my little bean so much.” This should make Miley feel a little better since the passing of her pup Lila, who was actually killed by her other dog Ziggy.

Miley’s mom Tish confirmed the sad news about Lila’s death on December 17 with a blog entry that read, “”The way that Lila was taken from [Miley] was beyond terrible. Sometimes things happen that we just cant understand. Miley still isn’t ready to talk about it, but I thought you guys should know what happened. […] For some unknown reason, Ziggy grabbed Lila. Not really sure if she was playing or what? She grabbed her in just the wrong spot and Lila didn’t survive.” Also, they decided to give Ziggy up, as well.

Though she recently lost two dogs, Bean is the latest pup to join the Cyrus family, as Miley adopted Penny Lane in late November.

What do you think of Miley’s new pup? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Shannon day

    AWWW the pup is adorable

  • Victoria Zachewicks.

    Omg, she’s so cute, but I hate he!

  • Lolox

    Why does this trashy woman keep adopting dogs and giving them stupid names? It’s clearly only for the publicity, I feel most sorry for those poor dogs…

    • Honey

      I think that people are allowed to name their dogs whatever they want honestly…publicity or not! But if her dogs were to kill the other…there needs to be better training.

  • Nandi

    He so adorable ! :)