Jonas Brothers Slapped with Lawsuit; Fan Claims She Was Crushed By Crowd

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Twitter (@noejampi)

Twitter (@noejampi)

This is supposed to be a “Jonas Year” according to a Trending Topic on Twitter just yesterday. But no one specified whether that would be positive or negative. So far, 2013’s shaping up to be the latter for the Jonas Brothers, since the trio was just slapped with a lawsuit by a fan.

In records obtained by TMZ, Ashleigh Johnson is suing the boy band family after being “agonizingly crushed” at one of their free concerts back in May 2010 at The Grove in Los Angeles. She claims that during their mid-day performance, she was “pushed by an uncontrolled crowd against a guard fence” and “suffered serious mental, emotional and physical injuries as a result.”

Ashleigh Johnson’s also suing Caruso Management Company, Ltd., the owners of The Grove, for negligence, suggesting that both they, and the Jonas Brothers, knew a large number of fans — both young and old — would should up to the venue, but proper security measures were not in place.

So far, no notice of how much she’s seeking, nor any comments from the band, has been released.

Currently, Kevin, Joe and Nick are preparing for their 2013 world tour in Latin and South America from February through March. For all of the details, visit

What do you think of the lawsuit? Do you think Ashleigh Johnson has a case? Should the Jonas Brothers be held responsible? Make sure to tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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  • Teresa

    No she should just shut up. She just wants attention

  • Rachael

    She’s just trying to get attention and thinks she’s gonna get to meet the Jonas Brothers out of this.

  • Sebrina Fountaine

    I was there with my then 7 year old daughter, we were one of the people that stayed in line over night. I lined up in front of Kmart at 3:30 am with my 7 year old Daughter Tatiana. At about 4:00 am we were escorted to the side of Banana Replblic when we waited for the time in which they were going to let us go to the concert. At about 1:45 pm we started to move forward and were told that they were clearing out the shopping center so that we will be able to walk to the stage area. When we finally started moving there were random people, not in line, started to rush forward to the barrier that was set up, not sure what it was for since we were all in a line, and now we were in a mob of people behind this barrier. The barrier was finally opened after hundreds of people were pushing and once it opened my daughter and I were almost run down, since we were walking and trying to follow “directions”. I was very upset and was crying to a security guard, because after waiting in line since 3:30 am and having 2 hours of sleep, we were in the way back. I felt that it was very unorganized and not enough security a ratio of 1 security guard to 1,000+ people, just doesn’t make sense. Then Mr. Albert Preciado escorted us to the side of the stage where we were able to see, which I am very grateful for. They had barriers on each side but only 7 guards total trying to hold the people back. A lady named Josie T., whom I found out later worked in the concierge, took Tatiana with her on the other side of the barrier closer to the stage, I stayed on the opposite side of the barrier. When the Jonas Brothers finally came on stage, the people behind the barriers were pushing it, and the guards along with it, I was asked to move my bag since it was on the ground next to me and the guards might step on it. I moved it next to the rose bushes in front of the restaurant we were near and at that moment they opened the barriers and all of the people from both sides rushed in. I was now far from my daughter and couldn’t see her, I was freaking out and frantically trying to get through the people to her but was unable. I then climbed over the metal fence around the restaurant and was telling security guards that I couldn’t find my daughter and that she was upfront. I was shaking and crying thinking that she was crushed by all of the people that rushed into that small area. I was able to get through the crowd and I was able to see my daughter. When my daughter and I were reunited she told me that she was crying because she was scared and couldn’t see me and that the metal barrier that was behind her kept banging her in the back of her head.
    Now tell me if that was okay???

  • Emily

    I understand why she’d be angry but come on, thousands of people are there, you’re bound to be pushed and shoved at least a couple times. I agree that the Grove should’ve taken more precautionary measures, but how on earth is this the Jonas Brothers fault?

  • natasha

    This happends to me every time I go to a gig . Im pushed and shoves eveb punched qheb i seen enimen . Its just how people get wheb there all stuck in a room everyone wants to be that little closer . Let hope she never sees Foo fighters

  • madison

    no way. it’s not their fault. she’s just trying to get her 15 minutes.