Team Harry Styles or Team Taylor Swift? Weigh in on Haylor’s Break-Up!

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Harry Styles, Taylor Swift Break-Up

“Taylor is just using Harry for a new song so she gets a ton of money.” “I think Harry is using Taylor Swift, and not the contrary.” These aren’t our opinions; these are yours! (See more comments here and here.) readers have been nothing but vocal even before a relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift was confirmed by Mario Lopez all of a month and a half ago. So you can expect even more of an outpour of opinions now that there’s “trouble” in paradise.

After Taylor tweeted lyrics from her latest single, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” on Twitter this weekend, multiple outlets are reporting that Haylor’s called it quits. Though neither side has confirmed nor denied a split (heck, they never confirmed they were dating to begin with), we just have to ask: In the break-up between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, whose side are you taking? Are you Team Harry or Team Taylor? Do you think there will be a song about it? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • cristina quintero

    I will always be with harry team HARRY!! <3 :3

  • mrs.styles

    team hazza hes so cute hes cute as a b***** (botton) but i love him and all ways have and always will directioner forever no matter what love hazza (aka:harry styles) love him like u can love no more :) im 19 by the way and follow me on twitter ivay grayson :)

  • Blujay


  • martha

    team harry of corse hes hot

  • Andrea Styles

    I think every body would go for id because taylor is a slut because shes dating people way younger than her that is jail bait first of all and everybody needs to stop the arguing because there’s no since in all of this

  • Andrea Styles

    Team HARRY STYLES because taylor is just a stuck up bitch and she knows that. also she just likes to write love songs and break up songs TAYLOR SWIFT is a loser and a ugly chic

  • Alaura+Niall4ever

    TEAM HARRY STYLES FOR LIFE ON END AND EVEN AFTER LIFE………………………………also if there is a Niall Horan team than i choose that side…i just felt that had to be put out there

  • Directioner infinity

    I agree with onedirecton4ever its a simple question I should be team hazza forever so ya .-.

  • lillyian

    team styles!!!!! <3

  • Tiffany