Miley Cyrus Responds to ‘Cutting for Bieber’ Twitter Trend

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

While Justin Bieber‘s been busy doing damage control — taking pictures with fans, revealing his new tattoo, announcing more BELIEVE tracks, etc. — after pictures of him smoking marijuana surfaced over the weekend, his fans are making the incident hard to forget.

As you may have seen, Beliebers have been posting graphic images on Twitter of alleged self-inflicted wounds in an attempt to get Justin to stop smoking pot, using the hashtag #cut4bieber. In regards to the trending topic, readers responded on our Facebook page; Miley Cyrus, who defended Justin Bieber after a paparazzo died chasing his car last week, took to her personal Twitter to (somewhat) voice her opinion on the matter.

She retweeted (original from @OfficialCANCER): “#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.” So far, Bieber’s camp has not yet released a comment on the subject.

At least there’s Miley though, right? And that’s not all she’s tweeting about. Late last night, she teased “guesssss where iiiii am???” along with the photo you see below. Looks like she’s back in the recording studio, folks.

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

Twitter (@MileyCyrus)

What are your thoughts about #cut4bieber? Do you think Justin should respond? What do you think of Miley’s (retweeted) comment? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  • San

    #cutforbeiber was another cruel 4chan joke. It’s the same website that spawned the #baldforbeiber thing.

    The fact that this was both sick and wrong has already been expressed enough.

  • Jennifer

    Honestly, people can be really gullible. I mean they already had the #baldforbieber and that was a hoax. Nobody should be cutting themselves for this, it’s ridiculous.

  • Anahi

    I accept i love justin but i mean, #cut4bieber is not right!! Is his life and i dont like that he do this but is his decision, so beliebers be calm!!

  • Antara Chowdhury

    Justin Bieber fans are not cutting themselves. The Cut for Bieber trend originated on 4Chan, and was started by internet trolls. If anyone actually took a few seconds to just browse through the hashtag on twitter, they’d see that there aren’t any actual threats of self-harm. The trend was started by trolls and haters, and was further fueled by media sites reporting on it. If people had took a few seconds to check and realized that, then the trend would’ve died down much sooner.

    • abigail

      actually people are harming themselves and that’s what makes this so dangerous. it makes me mad that people are cutting themselves over something so stupid. yeah he smokes weed. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. there are people out there who cut themselves over abuse, bullying, rape, ect. to cut over a fucking pop star makes me furious. these #cut4bieber fanatics don’t know real pain and they think it’s no big deal. they’re disrespecting people with real problems and need help. on another note people who are in pain and self harm because of that pain aren’t attention seeking. it’s the basturds who cut for justin and post pics on the internet that are.

  • nina

    thats really dumb of them to do that! if they dont like waht justins doing them they would things that make more sense instead of self harm

  • Cary

    People go through this everyday and if your participating in this senseless act
    Then obsivly you are disrespecting them.Who ever is participating do your research be knowledgable about this topic! Cause obviously your are arrogant human beings!

  • Alex

    I agree this is so disgusting and and disrespecting to people who self harm!
    Like come on and grow up!

  • Nicole M

    The #cut4beiber is ridiculous. As a victim of self harm and as someone who is still recovering from cutting, this is disgusting. Cutting and self harm is an addiction. They will start to enjoy the rush of adrenaline as the blade pierces their skin, they will desire the dizzy feeling they get as the blood flows out of them. It is not a joking matter and all those who posted pictures should receive mental help.