‘PLL’ Preview: Join the “She’s Better Now” Winter Premiere Episode Convo!

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ABC Family

ABC Family

In just a half hour, Pretty Little Liars will be back in our lives (on the East Coast, anyway; West Coast-ers, give it a few hours)! Around Halloween, it was a ‘dark ride’ when Aria was almost killed during an All Hallow’s Eve costume party. Instead, Garrett’s the one who suffered the biggest blow — and was offed by the “A” team! What can we expect from tonight’s winter premiere episode return?

To sum it up in one word: Mona. Hanna’s former BFF’s released from Radley Sanitarium with a clean bill of health. Wha-?! And, from the looks of it, Spencer may be taking it the hardest.

To see how it all plays out, watch Pretty Little Liars‘ “She’s All Better Now” episode at 8pm ET. Make sure to tell us your opinions by clicking the link below. We’ll make sure to tell you ours tomorrow morning in our recap!

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  • Larissa

    I can’t wait to see this episode of Pretty Little Liars! I missed it when it aired last night (which is why I’m not reading your recap) because I was working late at DISH, but I’m going to watch it on my DVR when I get home tonight. I set my DISH Hopper to record Pretty Little Liars’ entire season since it can save up to 2000 hours of movies and shows, so it will be easy for me to catch last night’s episode. And since I’ll have all the episodes saved I’ll be able to re-watch the show as a marathon later, too.