Find Out Which Celebrity Pet Was Voted Cutest of ’em All!

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Celebrity Pets Poll: James Maslow's Fox vs. Miley Cyrus' Bean

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This was one of our stiffest competitions yet! After polling readers on their choice(s) for Cutest Celebrity Pet in our latest survival game, it came down to two: James Maslow‘s Fox and the newest addition to Miley Cyrus‘ clan, Bean. Both super cute; both belonging to super famous celebrities; but only one can be crowned the victor. So, who’s #1 in the eyes of readers?

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  • Layal


  • mia

    james and fox they are so cute

  • hilly

    I love you and fox james and he is realy cuuuuuuute

  • Cata

    I voted for Fox cause he is the cuttest thing that i ever met and james didn’t tell us nothing to vote for him. so fuck off.

  • Cilina

    I voted for Fox I think he’s the cutest & I love him so much ! Sometimes I feel like i love him more than James Maslow lol !
    P.S : I’m A Rusher 😉 !

  • Mariana

    I think Taylor Swift’s Meredith deserved it… I mean, it’s so cute! But James’s fox is super cute too!

  • Niicole

    Fox Maslow. que fofo que é esse cachorro *——-*

  • Summer

    Voted for James Maslow’s Fox!! He’s sooo adorable, not to mention James is a hottie! :)

  • soto

    James maslow

  • Valerie

    I vote for the James Maslow’s Fox, so I glad that he win!! #WOOHOO

  • Meresa Hien

    I vote Miley, I don’t like Miley much but I’m voting her pet cause It’s cutest! :) :p
    So don’t get mad at me if i voted for Miley’s pet :)

  • M

    Fu** stupid Cyrus!

    • Lena


      • M what?
        it’s the true what i said! miley is a stupid B***

    • Kim

      obviously you’re a stupid jealous bitch.

      • M

        Obviously not.
        i’m not gelous of a idiot,stupid,bi***
        You’re bi*** fu*