The Pros & Cons of Selena Gomez & Josh Hutcherson (Potentially) Dating

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REPORT: Selena Gomez and Josh Hutcherson were spotted “arm-in-arm” after the Golden Globes this past Sunday, sparking rumors that there may be something going on romantically between them. Since Selena and on-again/off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber are reportedly in the ‘off-‘ stage of their relationship, it’s plausible that she did flirt with the Hunger Games star. Do we believe a full-out romance or even a fling between the two? Ehh, we’ll get back to you on that one.

But, whether or not the superstars may be considering the notion of being an item, we wanna run off the list of reasons why it would/would not be a good idea. Join us for the ride, then tell us your pros and cons in the comments below!

PRO: Imagine the music! Hey, Selena’s bestie, Taylor Swift, makes a living off of her (failed) relationships. Maybe Sel could learn.



CON: Their busy schedules. It’s the kiss of death for most celebrity relationships: no time for each other. Between Josh promoting Catching Fire and filming another Journey to Sel working on her new album and… who knows what else, this potential item already has an expiration date.



PRO: Selena would be at the Hunger Games premieres. With Sel on Josh’s arm, Miley Cyrus on Liam Hemsworth‘s and Jennifer Lawrence, the whole red carpet would be a tween dream!



CON: Vanessa Hudgens. Before she linked up with Austin Butler, the Journey 2 co-stars briefly dated. (They admitted to it; it’s not just talk.) And now, V.Hud and Selena are close after shooting Spring Breakers. It wouldn’t exactly be the first time someone’s taken their celeBFF’s sloppy seconds or anything (Taylor Lautner went with T.Swift after Selena, so…), but it can still get awkward.

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Josh Hutcherson

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Josh Hutcherson

PRO: All that ‘I <3 Jelena’ swag you own can still be put to good use. Josh + Selena, hello!

Deviant Art (~NextToJasmineV)

Deviant Art (~NextToJasmineV)

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  • Gabriela

    Selena sua chupa fama BISCATEE, nem em 10 mil reencarnações a selena chegaria aos pés dele ! -.-‘

  • Domi

    Hell no! I love both of them but they together just NO! :/

  • Meghab

    i wouldnt care, its better than justin tho

  • Aubrey

    They wouldn’t make a cute couple. I love Josh to death and then there’s Selena … But Vanessa Hudgens would make a cuter couple than him and Selena. She should stay with Justin.

  • T.J

    No. -.-

  • Brianna

    No, Just No.

  • Aria

    “Think of the music”…er, what? I doubt Selena can write, and from hearing her singing live without her bezzie, Autotune, she can defo not sing either. I really DON’T want to think of the drivel she’d write…

  • Zari

    I love them both and I think they would be cute together!

  • Butchie

    Noooooooooooooooooo, Josh and Jennifer!! Selena and Justin or Taylor Lautner <3

  • SabrinaC.

    I don’t ship them… I LOVE Selena to death but out of all the other men out there she chose Josh? And I don’t say that because I don’t like Josh. I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember. It’s just that I hope it’s just a fling and not the beginning of a relationship.

  • Ashley

    It would be something new and not expected, but I love Selena and love Josh, so why not 😀 Justin was way to much swag for Sel.

  • Emily

    Josh and Selena would make my broken Jelena heart come back together again – I’m PRO, but I don’t think it’ll happen :/