The 5 Most Justin Bieber-Related Facts About Robin Verrecas

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By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of Robin Verrecas, Justin Bieber‘s doppelganger from Belgium who many believed was the one pictured with marijuana a couple weeks back and NOT the Biebs. (FYI, Robin’s taken to Twitter to announce that he was in no way affiliated with the aforementioned incident, and that he himself is a Belieber, “so if it was me… why would i do this to Justin?”) But, what you may not know is that he has more in common with JB than his lookalike face…

1. Identical backgrounds and style. Okay, maybe they’re not exactly the same. But they’re both born in 1994; they’re both creative (as per Robin Verrecas’ official Facebook, he’s a Graphic Artist; Justin’s a musician); and they both have a wide array of hats. In case you’re confused, Robin’s pictured below left; Justin’s below right.

Instagram (@robinverrecas)/(@justinbieber)

Instagram (@robinverrecas)/(@justinbieber)

2. When he falls in love, he falls hard. The caption for this photo: “I’d rather lose my life than lose your love, I’d rather go to war than give you up… you’re worth fighting for! Mrs.Verrecas <3 @debbynijs I love you.” Anyone else reminded of Jelena right about now?

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

3. Team spirit. Robin may not get himself permanently inked (a la Justin Bieber and his Stratford Cullitons tattoo), but we think it’s safe to say we know who he’s rooting for…

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

4. A similar obsession with Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber’s openly admitted to being inspired by the King of Pop. He even channeled his dance moves in “Boyfriend!” Likewise, Robin Verrecas has MJ on his ‘Wall Of Fame.’

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

Instagram (@robinverrecas)

5. Instagram selfies = life. When in doubt, pics of you without a shirt, screaming and/or with your phone will totally do the trick.

Instagram (@justinbieber)/(@robinverrecas)

Instagram (@justinbieber)/(@robinverrecas)

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    yes….robin is too hot and so beautiful etc…but i LOVE justin ….so….justin come to greece please!!! #greekbelieberswhatyoutogreece!

  • kalina mankova

    Robin looks soo much like jb <3

  • Malisa

    Robin is hot but justin is not that bad

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    their eyes look the same but the rest no!!!!

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    ur hot

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    woow they look like him dont u peps agree?