EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Details from the Set of ‘Safe Haven’

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Part Three: Filming a Scene at Katie’s Cottage

After a quick browse through the craft services food cart where we stuffed our faces with chips, fruit, and pretty much anything else free we could get our hands on, we headed back to the cottage area to watch the filming. Being on a movie set is a lot of hurry up and wait, so when it finally came down to film the scene, all 50+ people hushed right away and got down to business. At first we saw Julianne and Cobie Smulders, who plays Jo in the movie and whom you might (a.k.a. WILL) recognize from the show, How I Met Your Mother, getting primped with hair and makeup. Before the scene officially started, Cobie came over to her chair (right near where we were standing) to put her phone down. It fell. But instead of being all diva celeb, Colbie said, “Hi ladies! Oh, don’t worry about it” and then laughed that her phone was nestling among the trees in the woods. So down-to-earth, guys.

Relativity Media

Relativity Media

Anyway, both Julianne and Cobie were in this scene, the one where their characters first meet, and we watched them film it about 10 different times. Each time was a tad bit different — some times they’d change the script around or add in a bit of improv — but it was really exciting to see how much time and effort goes into one 3-minute scene. Then that was a wrap! Well, for that scene at least…

Part Four: Meeting and Interviewing Cobie Smulders!

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