EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Details from the Set of ‘Safe Haven’

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Part Five: Meeting and Interviewing Julianne Hough

Then it was my turn to ask Julianne the big Qs. I got about a minute with her before she was called back to set for hair and makeup and had to reshoot the cottage scene a few more times, but once she finished, she happily agreed to chat with me for a few more minutes. But not until she got to play with her pups! Her mom dropped by the set with Julianne’s dogs — “these are my babies,” she told me — and then we continued on with our interview with talk of shirtless dudes, her and Josh’s love scene, the youge. Then we took this picture. Can you tell I’m blushing? She’s so pretty (and also tiny), I can’t take it. Oh right, and then she complimented me on my ring. I should’ve complimented her back, but there were so many nice things I could’ve possibly said about her that I restrained myself so as not to sound creepy. I had already told her that I followed her on Twitter, so I didn’t wanna go overboard, you know?

Safe Haven Set Visit: Julianne Hough


After the interview (and scene) wrapped, I kinda just hung out with some of the crew until my car came to pick me up and bring me to the airport. But boy am I glad I did because just at that moment, an ice cream truck came to deliver some sweets to the entire cast and crew. I indulged in a lemon sorbet thing which was awesome because it was so freakin’ hot out outside. Then, at that very moment as I was chomping on the ice, Josh Duhamel’s chair was brought onto set and placed next to Julianne’s! I was told I had to leave for the airport before he’d make it onto set (his call time was just a few minutes after I was scheduled to leave), but I was hoping I’d catch a glimpse of him (and Fergie) before I left. But you know what? I didn’t. My car came, I left, and that was that. No Josh. No nothing. Turns out he showed up mere minutes after I was gone.

But I ain’t even mad. I was so happy I got to see what the whole movie set thing is like, interview and meet some super-awesome celebrities, and get to visit a new city that’s nothing like my hometown of NYC. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I overdosed hardcore on fried food the night before the set visit — when in the South, you gotta eat like you’re in the South! Please don’t judge me, but yum:



Annnd that’s all, folks! If you can’t get enough of all things romance, Relativity — which is responsible for bringing you this film — is teaming up with Fathom Events to present, “A Night with Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven Filmmakers, Author and Stars Bring the Book to Life.” Here, you can get a VIP first-look at your fave scenes from the novel translated to the big screen for one night only on Thursday, January 17. Who will be there? Oh, ya know, Maria Menounos, Director Lasse Hallstrom, Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, Nicholas Sparks himself, among others. It will be broadcast LIVE nationwide in select theaters. For more of the details, visit FathomEvents.com.

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