Lea Michele Wears ‘Cory’ Necklace for Boyfriend Cory Monteith (PHOTO)

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SPOTTED: Lea Michele pulling a real-life Rachel Berry moment. After treating herself to a mani/pedi before catching up on Top Chef (we’re not stalkers; she just said it on Twitter), the Glee star was caught leaving the nail salon wearing a particular piece of jewelry we couldn’t help but notice. It was a necklace featuring boyfriend Cory Monteith‘s first name!

Did we need further proof that they’re dating IRL? No, they’ve made it clear on more than one occasion (like in her interview with Marie Claire and his segment on The Ellen Show). We just couldn’t help but point out yet another public display of affection. Monchele, FTW!

Back when Finchel was still an item on the off-screen couple’s hit FOX show, Lea’s character, Rachel Berry, held Cory’s character, Finn Hudson, close to her heart as well. A few seasons ago, Lea tweeted a picture of one of her notable props: a necklace adorned with her love’s name.

Twitter (@msleamichele)

Twitter (@msleamichele)

Would you ever wear an accessory with your significant other’s name on it? What do you think of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith as a couple in real life? And do you want to see Finchel back together on Glee? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments!

Lea Michele Talks Her “Perfect Companion”

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18 Responses to "Lea Michele Wears ‘Cory’ Necklace for Boyfriend Cory Monteith (PHOTO)"

  1. Teen.com
    Amy says:

    Umm… Where can I get one? Love the font. I want that exact necklace in another name!!!

  2. Teen.com
    Alex says:

    I don’t understand why wearing a name necklace makes Lea immature-it is a symbol and the show that brought them together Glee has her character wear a necklace so it sentimental. Lea can also show love and support for Cory without verbalizing it…

  3. Teen.com
    Jassell says:

    They Need to get married i see their future already!!!

  4. Teen.com
    Megan says:

    they are perfect for eachother and she is 4 years younger than him! Big deal! Nobody cares… its freaking normal… they are happy and in love so back off on the hate!

  5. Teen.com
    Michelle says:

    Cutest thing ever… #MoncheleForever

  6. Teen.com
    Terri says:

    Completely adorable!

  7. Teen.com
    Ashley says:

    Wow, that’s embarrassing. Last time I checked Cory was thirty years old. Not fifteen. Lea Michele needs to grow up. She looks pathetic.

    • Teen.com
      Michelle says:

      Hey..Back off! Cory is a nice guy.
      And even though his age is out of her range, it doesn’t even matter.
      Because he loves her and she love him. You’re the one who should grow up, because you need to stop judging with other peoples’ personal lives. Sorry for being harsh with my words. :/

    • Teen.com
      Brittany says:

      She’s right. Lea is a grown women and need to stop acting so childish. It’s cute if you’re fifteen. Not a twenty six year old adult. She needs to grow up.

    • Teen.com
      Alice says:

      Thank God Lea doesn’t give a s*** for what you think. She loves him and this is just one thing she wanted to do for him. They’re both amazing people.

      • Teen.com
        Kate says:

        Yeah she wanted to this just for Cory….. and Theo….. and that guy from high school. Did she do this for John Lloyd Young? No because he’s a grown man in his thirties and he probably would have been embarrassed with how immature it is. Cory’s thirty too and she’s twenty six. It’s time to grow up and knock it off with acting so immature.

      • Teen.com
        Brittany says:

        You must know Cory and Lea really well. Are you best friends with them? Hang out on the weekend? Do you call them when Lea is in New York or when Cory goes up to Vancouver?

      • Teen.com
        Kim says:

        Um, also, Jessica Biel was spotted wearing a Justin necklace right after they got engaged. Is she immature too? Or is it just Lea because she isn’t dating who you want her to date?

      • Teen.com
        Brittany says:

        Jessica Biel is Crazy. CRAZY. She use to mutilate her dolls. She would rip off their heads. Cut off their hair. And then hang them on her Christmas tree. She’s psycho. She is known for being crazy. She said she should have been committed as a young kid. So yeah Jessica Biel isn’t a good example for maturity and sanity. And if you were referring to me, no I don’t care who Lea dates. If she wants to date Cory, fine it effects me in no way. All I’m saying is she needs to grow up. She’s twenty six. She’s not in high school. Stop acting so immature. And yeah she looks pathetic.

  8. Teen.com
    Skylar says:

    Finchel forever!!

  9. Teen.com
    Skylar says:

    Finchel is endgame!!

  10. Teen.com
    Amelia says:

    Aww I love Monchele <3

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