Caption This Funny Photo of Nick Hoult & Teresa Palmer with Zombies!

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We’ll be the first ones to admit that we have a borderline obsession with zombies right about now. (Guess we have a costume idea for Halloween 2013, eh?) Warm Bodies is one of the main reasons. So when we stumbled upon this picture of the movie’s stars, Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, we couldn’t help but laugh and get grossed out all at the same time. Let’s look into it just a little bit. The zombie dude on the left is totally in character and the other dead man all the way on the right will be in our nightmares tonight. Meanwhile, Teresa’s giggling about it and Nick’s just kinda, like, “Whatever. I’m bored.” This is gold, guys. Pure gold. So, how you would caption this?


WENN Gets Zombie-fied on the Warm Bodies Set!

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10 Responses to "Caption This Funny Photo of Nick Hoult & Teresa Palmer with Zombies!"

    Arvind says:

    Teresa – Thank you! The photos are btfaeiuul .that goes without saying because you guys are so fantastic at what you do .thank you, thank you, thank you .now I have to find more excuses to hire you guys lol

    Hannah says:

    Nicholas Hoult: doesn’t care

    Lilly says:

    Nick, “yep, this is my life right now”

    Shay says:

    Nick: “please, Im nick hoult, ain’t no one got time for this “

      Mary says:

      It’s an excellent thhguot but I have not been able to find anything I love that could bring me fortune. Thanks for stopping bye and leaving a comment. God bless.

    Danielle says:

    Nicholas Hoult is not impressed.

    john says:

    Cool story bro, im famous.

    a says:

    Nic: Scary? Bitch please. I’ve seen scarier things in my toilet.

    Isabella says:

    The zombie next to Teresa is thinking: Ermahgerd!
    Teresa: This is so fun!
    Nicolas: Yeah, uh, fun.

    emm says:

    zombies: arrrrrrr!!!!
    Nic: just look straight ahead Teresa.
    Teresa: aaaaaaaaa get them away from me !!

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