How Twilightland Could Be Awesome

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Twilightland: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Roller CoasterIf you were hoping to see The Twilight Saga come to life a la Harry Potter at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando, we’re sorry to burst your bubble — it’s not gonna happen.

At the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, was promoting her latest project, Austenland, in which a woman travels to a Jane Austen theme park in search for her perfect gentleman. So when asked about the notion of turning her vampiric franchise into a theme park, Twilightland, she responds, “It would be so boring! What, would you go to high school? Would you have to go to high school for it? That’s not a vacation. Sounds awful. I don’t want to go back to high school.” Oh darn. It’s not to say that she’s not right. But since we’re Twihards, we came up with reasons why a Twilight entertainment venue would/could be awesome…

1. The stars would have to reunite! Hey, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and more of the HP cast attended the grand opening of their amusement park. And the last time we saw The Big Three together was during the promotion for Breaking Dawn — Part 2 — a whole two months ago! This would be the perfect way to force them back together.



2. The vampiric rides. The ‘Vampire’ roller coaster at Chessington World of Adventures in London, England suspends its riders over Transylvanian-like treetops. Imagine one that’s built at the speed of Edward Cullen!

3. A werewolf petting zoo. NOTE: We said we’d come up with reasons how it could be awesome. That doesn’t necessarily mean realistic ones…

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4. An added water park. Some of the most epic scenes from the franchise consisted of immersion in water, so it makes perfect sense, right?



5. The Twilight store. No theme park can be complete without swag. And this one would be equipped with all things people would love from the saga, including handcrafted jewelry, figurines and, obvs, life-sized cardboard cutouts.



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  • SAJ

    I so love the Twilight Saga Series I mean hu wouldn’t like the book.

  • shawna

    I honestly don;t see how a Twilight theme park would work out. There’s not much to go off of. Although I do agree with the post above me about a werewolf petting zoo and a ride where you experience how fast a vampire can run. Also you could stay in the Cullen House hotel or the Quiluete Reservation hotel. But other than those few littel things I don’t see really anything else that could be done with it.

  • Jeff

    I so want this like i would go there everday i need this i love twilight i so want something like this please do something like this