Find Out Who Was Voted as Best Celeb Instagrammer!

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It’s time to close yet another one of our Survival Game Competitions to find out who is the best celebrity Instagrammer once and for all! From 16 worthy contestants such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles (to name a few) we were able to narrow it down to the final two — Kendall and Kylie Jenner!

This was definitely one of our most voted on contests, and it certainly shows the power of social media, since Kendall and Kylie BOTH told fans to vote for them via Twitter and Facebook.

Enough with the chit chat, let’s find out who won!

Click for the Results!

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  • Victoria

    I love kendall!!! yay she won!!!!!!

  • Ash

    Kendall has 4.3 million actually! I love her

  • Kensi


  • Issi


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  • Janine

    Wow !! congrats to kendall jenner and kylie no need to feel bad lml be cuz u were in da finals and den again it is a game but kendal you won so enjoy and for get its ok to rub it in ppls faces !I hope you read dis and smile :) big fan and watch all the shows xoxox