‘PLL’ Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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OK, a LOT happened on last night’s Pretty Little Liars. We basically needed the rest of the evening to let everything process.

And while we thought Spoby’s situation last week was a big reveal even MORE secrets came to light this week. (Ali might have been PREGNANT?! A FEMALE at the end wearing a red coat burning a bobble head of Hanna?!) Our usual breakdown focuses on each girl and how bad they had it during the ep, but we think it’s safe to say every girl had it pretty miz.

1. What happened with Hanna? While Hanna’s arm is still hurting from that mannequin-filled fall, she also over hears Paige talking to Caleb and it turns out he was the one who put the cow brain in Mona’s locker. Hanna hears them talking about plans and meeting “off route six” so naturally, Hanna decides to follow Paige. Turns out, Paige was at a gay club chatting it up with another girl. And when Hanna gets sent a drink by someone that has a GF, she gets a drink thrown in her face, and busted by the cops for “underage drinking.” Though she wasn’t of age to be at the club, it’s still pretty messed up that they took her in to the station if you ask us.


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2. What happened with Emily? Emily starts off the episode receiving a package from “Nate’s” family, which contained old letters, cards, etc. from Ali. (Side note, how weird is it that Emily’s mom is now all of the sudden working at the police station? Good things will not come from this). One big find was an old notebook that had some correspondence between Ali and who turned out to be CeCe.  The two wrote back and forth in the notebook about a “beach hottie” and the other girls weren’t sure who they were talking about.


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When Emily talks to CeCe about it, CeCe reveals that Ali came to her saying she was “late” — aka she might have been pregnant. GASP! Emily finally decides that the notebook is something they should give to the police as evidence. The only problem? Once they turn it in to Office Wilden (ya know, the one that was hooking up with Hanna’s mom  back in the day?) they realize he was at the same beach resort as Ali that summer! DOUBLE GASP! Could he have been said “beach hottie”? In addition to this dramz, there is the possibility that Paige was seeing someone else behind her back.

3. What happened with Aria? Welp, to say Aria’s night was pretty crappy would be an understatement. She started off the ep finding out that Meredith isn’t “well” (we could have told you that), then talking to the girls about how she knows she needs to reveal the truth about Ezra’s son. However, when “Aria” texts Spencer saying Ezra dumped her when she finally came clean, it was actually Spencer who went down to the park and revealed all the Ezra. Then a very angry Ezra came to school to confront Aria about the whole thing. It wasn’t pretty. Later on, Ezra told Aria that he spoke to Maggie, and knows that she was the one who told Aria to keep quiet. And though Ezra says they’re “OK” at the end, are we the only ones who sensed some hesitation on his end? Makes sense that he would skip town for a little bit.


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4. What happened with Spencer? It’s safe to say that Spencer was NOT taking the whole “Toby is part of the ‘A’ team” very well, and decides not to tell the girls right away. When Emily tells Spencer about the notebook, Spencer reads about how Ali went to visit Toby while he was in juvie, and told him she was being harassed by “A” and thought it was him, but didn’t understand why she was the only one being contacted by “A.” In the flashback, Toby denied being “A” but said he would “offer his services” to the person that was behind it. But then Spence does tell Emily about the split, but said she isn’t ready to talk about all the details yet.


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Then, Spencer flipped out on Aria’s mom when she needed to leave study hall to help “Aria.” Turns out, it was “A” who sent Spencer the text saying Ezra broke up with her after the big reveal, so Spencer headed down there and — surprise — told Ezra about the whole “son” thing. Oh, and let’s not forget about Spencer basically hiring a private investigator to track Toby and find out what that “A” key belongs to.

What did you guys think of last night’s ep? And who do you think that girl in the red at the end was?! Sound off in the comments!

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  • SmileyTB

    It was a crazy night 4 everyone!!!

  • Kendra

    I’m pretty sure we all had the hardest night, having to watch Ezra cry. D:

  • Stephanie

    Spencer had it REALLY BAD!!!