Selena Gomez Admits She Would Kiss Zayn Malik!

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While we adore Zayn Malik‘s GF Perrie Edwards, these two certainly would make one adorable couple! Apparently there’s some mutual attraction going on between the One Direction singer and the 20-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star, as they both said they would kiss the other one.

In an interview with a Parisian outlet, Zayn and the rest of the 1D guys were shown numerous photos, and had to say which person they would kiss between the two. Apparently when Selena’s pic came up, the guys unanimously said they would kiss her.

Then a few days later while Selena was celebrating her Nylon cover a correspondent from Extra told her about it, and she couldn’t stop giggling and said “That’s really nice, I love all of them, I’ve met them.” Selena was then asked who she would kiss out of the five guys, to which she replied,  “Oh no,” she paused, “Zayn?”

Well, we know that Selena is officially a single girl, and sadly, Zayn and his GF are going through some tough times, so maybe these two will find each other somewhere down the road?

Watch Selena’s full Extra interview — she even talks a bit about new music — below.

Do you think these two would make a cute could? What would their couple name be? Zelena? Sayn? Sound off in the comments!

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  • katelin3015789

    that so shocking

  • pritty sofia

    it will be a perfact couple……………..and they look fabulous together..

  • kkatie omg! !!

    I hope selena will find her true love-which isn’t Justin bieber! !! Selena Gomez is one of my favorite stars @ Disney channel! !!(:

  • bree

    Selena is just another wanna be plus she ain’t go for Zayn Malik.

    • ash

      selena should leave boys alone for what is good for her…

  • IsabellaTaleen

    I like Zayn Malik but i think that Selena and Justin are a better couple!!!

  • karren robert

    Zelena sounds jst perfect!!!!
    Plus they would make a perfect couple:):)