5 Things That Were Wrong With Last Night’s ‘Glee’ Episode

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When did we develop such an intense love/hate relationship with this show? Aside from ‘Fondue for Two’ (always a highlight) and the last two musical numbers, we had some serious issues with last night’s ‘Naked’ episode of Glee. Let us know if you agree or not in the comments.



1. Recycled storyline. The club is getting ready for regionals and Mr. Schuester Mr. Hudson wants the New Directions to have a bake sale. Sound familiar? Luckily, Tina comes up with a better, albeit completely implausible at a normal high school, suggestion.  We also need to discuss the love storylines developing. Tina loves Blaine? Blaine’s crushing on Sam? Sam likes Brittany, who is now the smartest kid at McKinley? No. Just no.



2. The Rachel Berry storyline. We don’t buy it. We get that characters evolve, but going topless in a low-budget student art film just doesn’t seem like a page out of the Berry gold-star playbook. Kurt shares our opinion in his two-minute cameo. We also get a visit from old Rachel Berry who reminds us just how far her hair and willingness to display cleavage really has come.



3. We ship Marley and Ryder, not Marley and Jake. We must have missed a few episodes, because we thought everything was lining up perfectly for a new New Directions romance to rival Finchel. We’re just not feeling it with Marley and Jake and wanted to see Blake Jenner take on Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years.’



4. Seriously, where is Ryder’s storyline? Why in the world isn’t the show giving us more of the Glee Project winner? We hope he gets more scenes. We also hope they’re not with Kitty. We need more Ryder immediately. Especially when he drops lines like, “What [girls are] really looking for is a guy who will get naked emotionally.” Are you #$%@ kidding me?



5. That song. You can’t throw a near-perfect Quinn-Rachel-Santana number to an awesome Sara Bareilles song a the end of the episode and expecting us to embrace all the new storylines when you’re reminding us of how freaking awesome Glee used to be with all three of these girls at McKinley. We’re ending this post so we can go download this cover and the Ian Axel one.


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  • charleigh

    I don’t care about what is goin on I just love the tina/blaine/kurt/rachel storylines!

  • Veronica

    I really like this episode but I really DO want Blake and Marley! I like Jake too, just not really with Marley. Honestly, for me, I don’t feel a lot of chemistry between them.
    And I get the whole Brittney getting the highest on the SATs for a bit of comedy but I totally agree. It feels kinda stupid to do that. One of my fave parts though was when Blaine showed the video for Sam. That was just too sweet :”>

  • Isabelle

    I like Jarley…

  • Amanda

    This post should be taken down a.s.a.p. Re-cycled storyline? Every year the same things are taught in schools so should schools be re-cycled? You’re right it doesn’t seem like a page out of Rachel’s book which is why she didn’t do it. Marley and Jake are the most adorable couple up to date at the moment. Ryder is basically Finn 2.0 you wouldn’t want a recycled couple also would you? Ryder had a story line and at the moment is being kept to the side as his story is slowly coming to place. Come one Stacy you gonna post something let’s at least be legit about it.

    • Stacy Hinojosa

      My opinions are legit, your opinions are legit too! I tweeted that I think I’m just partial to Ryder because I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Blake on several occasions and I want to see his character become a main part of the show. If you ever want to write an article disagreeing with something we’ve written, send it to staff@teen.com and we might post it too. That would be awesome!

      • Taylor Swiffer

        If you want to be a professional Stacy you should stop talking to teenagers over the internet and using words like “legit”. I believe what you were meaning to say is legitimately, or is that to big of a word for you?

      • Stacy Hinojosa

        Nope, not “too” big of a word at all. The correct usage in my sentence would be ‘legitimate’, however legit is in the dictionary as well. I think it’s sad though that you find it unprofessional for me to respond to comments left by teen readers. As editor of the site, I love talking to teens about their opinions!

  • Gabby

    Okay, well I do agree with one or two of the things that you said here. But I honestly just don’t understand what you guys have against this show! GLEE is amazing! I don’t see why you guys can openly bash this show every signle week yet you can never call out the actual stupidity that you have on articles on all the time. I don’t mean to be rude. But like seriously…

    • Stacy Hinojosa

      To be clear, I love Glee. I wouldn’t write about it, or watch it, if I didn’t love it. And I’m lucky enough to have interviewed the cast several times. This article isn’t meant as a vicious attack on the show, it’s just some thoughts to open up a conversation… which it has!

      • Gabby

        Thanks for the clarification. I see what you mean now; they are your opinions after all. I still love all of your posts anyway.